Graves desecrated:

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WMT23/10/2014A number of graves in Goldenbridge Cemetery have been damaged/desecrated by vandalism including the grave of William T Cosgrave. Gardai are investigating.

It begs the question, can these 'people' sink much lower?

I've just noticed that the thread dealing with anti-social behaviour in the area has been removed - perhaps it was too embarrassing for the Authorities, the conduct won't go away by hiding it.
Sean16/03/2016Looks like it has happened again...very depressing. This could be a great area if it wasn't for a certain element living here...what can be done
JP16/03/2016Everyone knows who they are. They are starting to hang around outside Eurospar again, causing trouble and intimidating people.
Sean16/03/2016The people who live here are the ones that can make a difference. Call the gardai in relation to any anti-social behaviour you see don't ignore it. The more calls that are made the more it is brought to their attention. No harm emailing Catherine Byrne about it either surely she can influence the gardai to have moreo f a presence in the area.
k. Egan17/03/2016Dreadful behaviour re graves and car break ins lately. 2 local traveller families account for most of this, and the sad thing is everybody knows who they are incl Gardai but what is done?
JP17/03/2016They should be evicted from there free social housing but that will never happen. The gardai will say they can't do anything so thing will just get worse.
Wendy Leech08/04/2016What really annoys me about the family responsible for this is that they get everything handed to them. None of that family have ever worked a day in their life so we the tax payer pay for there lifestyle, pay for their house on Thomas Davis Street West etc.

How do they repay the tax payers of Inchicore they repay us by damaging our property and wrecking the area.