Myra Close

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Liam22/10/2014A few weeks ago I noticed the council cleaning up the green area by the bus stop outside Myra Close. There was a fair bit of rubbish but it looked good afterwards. However I was taking the bus today and when we stopped outside Myra close the green area is a mess again with 2 chairs and a toliet seat as well as other rubbish thrown about. It's areas like this that really bring the area down. I can't understand how people in the area let this happen?
sean05/04/2016Passed Myra close on the bus this evening and noticed the green area is a mess. Tvs rubbish strewn all over yhe place. It looks awful. I know it is a council estate so you know there will be problems but surely there must be some decent people there who take pride in where they live but obviously not. Very depressing. By the way i reported it this evening to the council.
Alan C05/04/2016Hi Sean
You can report this to the council on
I logged a report for this yesterday but no harm in adding more, might get them to do something about it.
Liam07/04/2016Glad to see I'm not the only one to notice this. It really looks awful. Estates like this really destroy what could be a fantastic neighbourhood. God forbid we get more social housing in the area.
Wendy Leech08/04/2016Sure why not as the people who live there get everything for nothing and have no respect for the area.
Ian S15/04/2016I noticed that the green area in Myra Close has been cut and cleaned up today and it looks so much better. Shows that if we report these issues things do get done. Hopefully it stays that and again if you see any mess report it no matter how big or small.
Olive15/04/2016Wendy, you have a very poor view of people living in social housing. There are a lot of decent people in these house who WORK and don't get everything for nothing. I work, live in social housing and do a lot of voluntary work. There are always some bad eggs everywhere!!!
Olive16/04/2016Just a further comment to Wendy, I would love to own my own home, but I pay 150 to DCC rent per week plus a 3 euro charge per week for boiler maintenance which for 3 years we didn't get but got no refund. I have a degree but everytime I tried to get a mortgage the deposit increased. It is similar to the gardai at the moment some cannot afford to buy. I would own my home now with all I have paid to DCC!
Judi16/04/2016Hi Olive,
You say you are working and want to buy a house? Why then should your rent be only 600 a month for your council house? This is about half of market rate and effectively you are being subsidised by the rest of us?
Why is that fair?
This is outrageous!
Olive16/04/2016Hi Judi, I am paying this for years and will never own my home. At least if you are paying double you will have something at the end of it!
Frank16/04/2016There are a lot of jealous people out there. Be thankful you have a roof over your head. I brought my family back to Ireland and was in private rented before buying our house. The landlord wasn't paying mortgage but taking our rent and we were evicted, we didn't know anything about this until a few days before the eviction, can't say too much as we are suing, but it is horrible to be homeless even for a few days.
kathleen currivan16/04/2016Private landlords have always fulfilled a need in the past, providing a useful stopgap for people until they got their own houses. They carried out repairs and managed the tenancies at no cost to the state and with very few tax concessions.All the new charges have militated against this provision-property tax, PRTB charges, USC and,recently,full PRSI on rental income.For many "landlords" with large mortgages I imagine its just not worth it any more. Others who would have been happy enough with a modest rent have now raised it, probably more out of necessity than opportunism in an inflated market. So the rent supplement sector cannot compete! An unsympathetic and sad state of affairs!