Dublin Bus Crazy

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Joanne17/10/2014This is my first time posting on this site as I don't actually live in Inchciore. I was at the bus stop on Emmett Road across from spar this evening when a number 40 pulled up. The driver seemed to be having an argument with a passenger but it was really the driver who seemed to be the aggressor. The passenger, a normal looking man, had a child with him and they were arguing over the fare. suddenly the driver reached out and grabbed the man by the chest area and roared at him very menacingly indeed. The passenger and the child jumped off the bus and I'm pretty sure he called the police straight away. I couldn't believe what I was seeing, a bus driver acting in such as fashion is just crazy. I have to admit I felt very intimidated getting on the bus after that.
tim18/10/2014Fair play to you for not taking the bus and calling the guards. A lot of people nowadays will do or say nothing and have jumped on the bus and continued on their journey. People these days seem to only care for themselves and not others. Well done again.
liam19/10/2014Hey Tim,

I think you may have understood what the op did or in reality didn't do. I think they did board the bus and said nothing despite witnessing the incident.

ant19/10/2014Liam: I thing Tim was just being an ass with that post, self righteously judging others with his sarcastic nonsense from behind his keyboard. Trolling I think the young people call it.
ma19/10/2014Yes I think the last 2 comments are correct.