Inchicore Is Overall Winner in City Neighbourhood Awards 2014

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IEG11/09/2014At a ceremony hosted by Dublin City Council (Dublin Central Area) to celebrate our City Neighbourhoods Districts Awards last night at the Bulfin Senior Citizens Centre in Inchicore, we are delighted to announce that Inchicore Village was awarded two prizes:

(i) 1st Prize:Urban Village Centre (Residential Category)

(ii) Overall Winner in the Residential Competition Categories

These awards are presented to mark the extraordinary efforts made by voluntary groups across the whole Dublin Central area, including Chapelizod, Ballyfermot, Cherry Orchard, Drimnagh, Crumlin, Rialto, Walkinstown and Dolphin’s Barn among other local groups. Awards were presented to a range of categories including villages, community gardens, men’s sheds, streets, gardens, schools and for overall community effort.

It is a huge tribute to Inchicore to win these prizes, and our thanks go to all the voluntary members of the Inchicore Environmental Group who have made this possible through their regular clean-ups, plantings and contributions to creating clean and safe public spaces in Inchicore, the best urban village in South Central!

Inchicore Village will now go forward to represent South Central Area at the all-Dublin Awards ceremony at Croke Park later this month.
Many thanks to you all! We welcome new members to continue the good efforts of our members. See
Grace13/09/2014That's a fantastic achievement. Congratulations to all involved. You can really see the difference in the village over the past year. Keep up the good work and good luck for the next stage of the competition.
frank13/09/2014Well done to all who worked hard. Just one question I saw you all out cleaning the canal and one man said his back was breaking from all the rubbish he had collected. What would happen if someone hurt their back really bad, are you insured. I saw a woman wheeling a wheelbarrow and it was full of blue bags. I would say she was in her 60s. I would love to help but have a back problem myself, just interested to know.
E13/09/2014Well done Inchicore Environmental Group. Keep up the good work.
DK 13/09/2014Well done to Inchicore Environmental Group for all the hard work.
Rosie15/09/2014Well done, great work, huge achievement.
ann16/09/2014I think it is great that you won. However I feel Inchicore is becoming a dumping ground because you are working hard. I saw a man dumping all his rubbish into the canal. I know more people are dumping on Tyrconnell Rd and Connolly Ave. I don't want to take away from your good work but unless you get cctv around these areas the place will become a tip. Go up Vincent St and look at the bins, full to the brim. DCC don't empty the bins and there is nowhere to put dog poo on the canal. You need to educate ADULTS to look after their area.
Sam16/09/2014Thanks for your comments Ann. You sound passionate. Perhaps you might like to become more involved...
drimnagh resident16/09/2014Well done to Inchicore. However I tend to agree with Ann. I was walking my dog last Sat and saw all you guys out working, there are 2 communities involved in the canal, didn't see any Drimnagh residents, to my shame. I woud love to help but have a serious back problem, barely able to clean up after the dog. You should put signs up In Drimnagh.
Sam16/09/2014To "Drimnagh Resident": Sorry to hear you have a sore back. There's lots you could do to get involved that won't require any physical activity. Please get involved.
Oisin16/09/2014Drimnagh Resident
If you look up Drimnagh is Good or Drimnagh Residents Association on Facebook, they are trying to get together a group of Drimnagh people for a similar cleanup. Maybe you can be in the competition next year!

The CIE Works/ Railway Estate also got an award of 1st place in the 150-300 house category. A big thanks to those who arranged the new flower beds in north terrace and who helped out in the Cowsheds Lane cleanup in April!
Sam17/09/2014Well done to the CIE Railway Estate! Wow, that's great and it really reinforces the fact that the CIE Railway Estate is one of the nicest places to live.

I can't find the list of 2014 winners on the Dublin City Council Website. I can only find previous years winners there. Does anybody know where on the DCC website the full list of 2014 winners can be found?
drimnagh resident17/09/2014Sam, I would love to get involved but I am 83. and only after learning how to use a computer. I am unable to do my own garden now because of my back operation and I had a knee replacement. would love to be able to help
Sam18/09/2014To "Drimnagh Resident". Sorry to hear about your ailments. Maybe you have some friends or relatives who could help you learn to use the computer. As Oisin said, you could look up Drimnagh is Good or Drimnagh Residents Association on Facebook. You could talk to your neighbours where you live in Drimnagh and ask them to get involved to form an environmental group in Drimnagh.

Maybe your people in Drimnagh could try and win an award for Drimnagh next year.
Brid21/09/2014I am shocked at the state of the canal today. 2 wheelie bins, large bins possibly from an apartment block in the canal. I am involved in the clean up( not all the time) but I help when I can and to see this is disgraceful, as I know the time and effort that the volunteers make to keep Inchicore clean.
Alan C23/09/2014I have to say I am surprised that Inchicore received any award, I know that the Environmental group is excellent and is making a real difference but the whole are is still neglected by the council, business owners and many of the village residents.
Shop owners are required to clean outside their premises but this doenst happen (look at the state of the path outside Tesco or Spar), there is graffiti all over a tree trunk on Tyrconnell Road as well as two burnt out litter bins and daily rubbish dumping against the trees.
There are illegal stickers and posters all over the place, and graffiti on lampposts.
The roadway is full of debris and neglected looking.
Despite the best efforts of the Environmental group the village is still neglected looking and there needs to be more done. The council have been very poor to respond to reports of graffiti, vandalism uncleanliness and littering.
Local business don seem to care about improving the place at all and that needs to change if it is to get better.