Public Meeting on the future of the Inchicore sports & social club, Monday 15th September, 8pm

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Oisin08/09/2014There will be a public meeting in the club on next Monday evening (15 Sept 8pm) to explore if members along with the people of Inchicore see a future for the Club; to explore what needs to be done to ensure that future and to see if there are people prepared to come forward to play a part to see the club established on a sustainable footing.

For everyone who has an interest in the survival of the Club this is a simply must-attend meeting. There is an absolute need for more people to become involved in the running of the Club. We need people who have a few hours time to give as well as those who want to be more involved. We need organisers and people with skills as well as helpers; there will be roles for people who wish to play a part within a working group or in undertaking a particular task or project.

If you are unable to attend but would like to be involved please contact Ned or Nicky on 085 7472562 or email
Ian09/09/2014Will there be any local politicians present?
Sean10/09/2014Is this the same Inchicore Sports and Social club across from Croughs pub? I tried to get in there with a friend to play a game of snooker when I moved to Inchicore in 2006, No chance they would let us in, even though I had worked for Irish Rail for 8 years, I only left Irish Rail to go to college. How things change, I guess all you see is pissed old men goin in the side door, they could never survive on that! Anyway, I hope they survive but they need to keep a strict membership policy!
I think that is the Workmans Club.
The sports & social club is up in the CIE works/ Railway estate.
There is one snooker table up there too.
Ian10/09/2014Oisin, will there be any local politicians present?
Sam11/09/2014Are there going to be any local politicians present ? Very good question Ian. I also would like to know if there are going by be any local politicians present at the meeting.
I have no idea if there will be any local politicians present.

I am local, a member of ISSC and have run for public office. You can ask your local politicians (contact details on the council and Dáil websites) if they are going.

Sam11/09/2014Oisin, thanks for that. I beleive that you come within the definition of politician. Generally the word politician can be defined as a person who is involved in influencing public policy and decision making and this includes people who hold decision-making positions in government, and people who seek those positions whether by election or other means (ref. wikipedia). I have done an internet search and now discover Oisin that you are the current Green Party spokesperson on Health.

Hopefully other politicians have been invited by the Inchicore Sports and Social Club to the public meeting and given plenty of advance notice of it.