Former Village Inn

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Alan c02/09/2014For anyone interested the, almost derelict, former Village Inn is to be auctioned by Allstops on 16th Sept

It will be interesting to see what happens all these properties that have been bought up recently.
Ian03/09/2014I didn't even even know that was for sale. It will be interesting alright to see what happens with it. I never went into it before as it had a poor reputation but hopefully a new owner might jazz it up
Local03/09/2014In my opinion there are too many pubs in Inchicore. I hope that who ever buys this property converts it into something other than a pub.
Oisin03/09/2014They have a bit of trouble spelling "Grattan" don't they?
DK03/09/2014Allsop Space are the auctioneers and Ivor Fitzpatrick & Co are the vendor's Solicitors.

With these big names involved appears to me that it's a distressed asset sale by a Bank or NAMA. Does anybody have confirmation of this?
M03/09/2014I went into the village inn once nine years ago when I first moved to Inchicore - trying to get to know the place. I was startled by the dark, undecorated appearance interior.
I asked for a glass of wine - no wine, so I asked for lime and soda water - no lime. A silent group of old men stared at me....
I left. I wonder it lasted as long as it did.
jl07/09/2014i had a deal done for this place 2 months ago but backed out at the last minute after observing all the concerns etc about anti social behavior on this forum, its unfortunate as i was prepared to invest a large sum of money in to it , i was going to target families and the general population with good food and a nice place to hang out. i own 2 other busy places overseas so i believe i had what it would have taken to make it work, i also believe there are a lot great people in inchicore and it has great potential but folks you need to take your village back from these scumbags, i hope it works out for you guys in the future, all the best.
Alan C08/09/2014Earth to JL; I think you need to wake up!
The "gangs" and anti-social behaviour being talked about here are just a bunch of annoying kids that hang around their estate and the spar, every suburb in Dublin, and beyond is familiar with this.
Teenagers and pre-teens in groups, by their very nature, are anti-social.
They have absolutely no association with the village inn or any of the other pubs in the area, that's the beauty of a pub, it's an adult environment with supervised children only.
Any perception of anti-social behaviour is reflected in the low price being asked for the pub.
However the real problem with the Village Inn is that there are already plenty of pubs in the area. I don't think there is demand for another. Somebody needs to do something new with this place to make it work.
Shea08/09/2014Well put Alan.Of course there are problems all over the City.Just look at the recent shooting at a pub in "posh" Dublin 2.If publicans where heed anti-social behaviour in Dublin all the pubs would have to close.But I do think there is a gap in the market in the Inchicore/Kilmainham area for a good well run pub serving craft beers good food etc and no plasma screens/sky sports in every nook and cranny.Pubs like L.Mulligan in Stoneybatter and other likeminded pubs have shown it can be done.Any brave publicans willing to give it a go?
DK16/09/2014The Village Inn failed to sell at the auction today. The pub was lot number 36 in the Allsop Space auction today. The auction results are at

It would appear that the reserve range of 190,000 to 220,000 was too high.

In my opinion there's too many pubs in Inchicore.

Perhaps if the reserve price was lower it might be an attractive proposition for someone to buy this property, which is dilapidated, and rebuild it into a high quality premises with a mixed commercial, retail or residential use but not as another pub. I'm no expert, but perhaps an asking price of 100,000 might be sufficiently low.

It might be no harm for any residents concerned with the proliferation of pubs in the area to object to the renewal or granting of a publicans license for this premises.

I heard a rumour that the publicans license for this premises has lapsed or been terminated. Does anybody have any details on this?
Sam17/09/2014So there the Village Inn failed to sell in the action. No surprise there. The pub is derelict and there are issues with the liquor license.
Alan C17/09/2014UPDATE: The Village Inn has been "Sold after auction for an undisclosed amount" according to the Allstop auction site.
Hopefully somebody will do something good with it, I guess they would have got it for less than the reserve price.