Cars on footpaths

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Theresa28/08/2014I am at my wits end with cars parked on the footpaths on Tyrconnell Park. I just walked back from the shops and three times I had to walk out onto the road with my two children because I couldn't fit the buggy on the footpath. I knocked into two of the houses to complain but I got no answer. The worst offender is the corner house at the hill when I walk down to Tryconnell Road, I think its number 76. These people have 3 cars parked there including a Jeep and they take up the WHOLE footpath. I have to walk blinded around the corner on the ROAD with my children. Also numbers 98 and 97 are awful, two big red cars taking up the whole footpath, seriously even one person alone cannot pass on the footpath theres so little room.

These selfish irresponsible people think the footpath outside their homes are their own personal carparks, its unsafe and it makes me sick.

I will be contacting both DCC and the Guards to try get something done about these gougers.
Declan29/08/2014Theresea: I've been mildly annoyed by this issue in the past. Funny enough I read your post this morning but didn't take much notice but today I had to walk out on the road with my elderly mother because the car outside number 95 has taken the footpath over. I mean seriously how inconsiderate can people be.