News from last week's meeting

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We have been in touch with the council and asked them to repair the potholes on South terrace and enquired when the road is being re-surfaced.

We will have a tidy up at the end of March - in the meantime we have contacted the Davitt Road depot and ask them to clean the lanes between North and South Terrace, pay more attention to South Terrace, and to re-fix more securely the bin outside of Wheaton Court.

The drilling that has been going on in the estate isl in connection with the Heuston/Stephens Green interconnector.

The post box at the corner of Grattan Crescent/Sarsfield Road has apparently been closed permanently and we are going to investigate why this is the case, as it is used a lot.

We will enquire from the council if there is any progress on the Grattan Crescent Park playground.

We will have the fundraising quiz in September this year to try to make sure of a better attendance - either on 23rd or 30th - will confirm date.

We reminded everyone about the consultation period for the devlopment plan is running from 21st Jan - 18th March - and there is an Issues paper available for inspection at the area office on SCR and at Inchicore library.
The nearest Public Information Workshop to us is at Ballyfermot this Thursday

The webpage for the developmemt plan is at - - and they are looking for feedback from groups and individuals.

A reminder to all that local elections are coming up in the summer.

The mobile library times seem to have changed without notice and we are investigating this.