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Grace11/08/2014I'm just picking up from a previous thread re local reps. Just curious to hear feedback from the community on who works well for the area?
mick11/08/2014Nobody does anything for this community. Criona Ni Dhalaigh was very good. I have not seen one of our reps in Inchicore except for the Byrnes and that's because they live here. Not 1 politician has knocked on my door in the last 10 years.
Alan C11/08/2014I would have to agree that there is very little representation at the moment.
The Byrnes in fairness did do the job until recently. Claire Byrne didn't run in the last local election and has retired from politics as will Catherine Byrne at the next general election.
I think the retirement of both of the Byrnes from politics has left a massive problem in the area which is now poorly represented.
The new councilors, only elected this year, have not exactly hit the ground running but maybe we should keep an open mind and give them a chance.
On the plus side, the local Inchicore Environment group has had a very positive impact on the whole area, and its local community groups like that that make the difference.
I knocked on practically every door in Inchicore - maybe you were out that day.

The way the elections worked out I think people went for what people stood for rather than the areas they were from, which is probably the way it should be - councillors should be about policy - if you want something fixed, you are normally better off trying to go to the officials or citizens advice and get it done yourself.

On the other hand, I'm going to carry on trying to help people to help themselves in this and other areas.
ali11/08/2014Oisin, nobody knocked on my door either. There is always someone in my home as one member of my family never goes out but opens the door to everyone, loves a chat r an argument.
WMT12/08/2014Overall and over the years I think we have been badly served by local politicians. Although everyone has their 'favourite' politician, in general all they are is a self-serving self-interest group. They will come to meetings etc, but really only to be seen.

Proof of this is something easily forgotten - St Michael's Estate which was allowed, over years, to turn into a massive home for crime, drug dealing etc. It got so bad that decent people were living under siege, especially the ones having to live in the estate. Where were the politicians for all those years?

I know of extremely serious problems brought to politicians but they did not want to know - did not want to rock the establishment boat.
Vincent H12/08/2014I organised an event in the Community Centre in the run-up to the local elections to give everyone a chance to meet the candidates. Most of the candidates came along, but not many residents turned up. I'm planning a follow-up event (townhall meeting) for residents to meet the elected councillors in the coming months to ensure they are aware of Inchicore issues. Would there be an appetite for this?
mick12/08/2014Vincent, I know you mean well but I think it is a waste of time. I have lived here all my life and I know people have no interest. I was on resident groups and we got our local reps out many years ago and very few turned up. People just like complaining.
Oisin12/08/2014Mick & Ali
I think it is best for me not to list the few places that I didn't get to up here, but my group went to every single door.

You can also expect to see me before the next election, but if you don't why not contact me through my website

That having been said, in January every year the council take applications for grants. If there is something in your neighbourhood a small amount of money can fix, I'd be delighted to help you with the forms. There is also grants available from other places at other times of the year, but I'd rather just help you fill them in, then you have the credit and you have the control.

If it's something the council aren't doing and you think they should be, get on to the officials in the council responsible, or stick it on the website and I or other citizens (or even some councillors) will follow it up for you.

Your councillors are there to represent you on policy for the whole city. Some of them might be self serving, but I'm not going to comment on that. I want to see a better, fairer, cleaner city for me and my kids and that's why I ran.

Alan C16/08/2014Our elected representatives have not at all engaged with the community and are very poorly representing us at the moment.
However, on a positive note, as a community we have many non-elected community members that are actively representing the community in various ways: On this forum, on the various sites ( and reporting littering, graffiti, and other issues to the council which is making a real difference. those who go out every month cleaning up the village, the girls that re-planted the flower beds, the organizers of the Inchicore Environmental group. and many more, including Oisin who has supported every effort we make, and also everyone who goes out walking the canal and village to enjoy the amenity.
There is a real community at work here and its making a real difference to the whole area.
James R21/08/2014Who are the new elected reps? Where do they live?
James R21/08/2014Just looked it up.
Daithi De Roiste FF: 113, Raheen Park, Ballyfermot, Dublin 10
Councillor Daithi Doolan SF: 347 Ballyfermot Road, Dublin 10
Vincent Jackson IND: 192 Le Fanu Road, Ballyfermot, Dublin 10
Greg Kelly SF: 44 Convent Lawns Ballyfermot, Dublin 10
Brid Smith PBP: 95 Kylemore Avenue, Ballyfermot, Dublin 10.
Paul Hand IND, 5 Millrose Estate, Bluebell Dublin 12.

So only one of our elected reps lives outside of Ballyfermot. Interesting.
mick21/08/2014That is the problem since we are with Ballyfermot, naturally they will look after their own areas. We have no rep for Inchicore because despite the fact that Bluebell is often classed as Inchicore we are separate, even have a different postal address.
Sarah O'21/08/2014'We have no rep for Inchicore because despite the fact that Bluebell is often classed as Inchicore we are separate, even have a different postal address.' Bluebell and Inchicore are one and the same. I grew up in Bluebell, my sisters still live there they socialise in Inchicore and go to the shops in the village. They also go to Mass in the Oblates, kids are in the Scouts down here. I would be more inclined to go to the local rep then the Ballyer ones. Ballyfermot is hugely over represented on the Council and that area gets everything as a result.
Peter Mc21/08/2014Cllr Vincent "Ballyfermot" Jackson was his official name for a long time. He seem to have dropped his middle name of "Ballyfermot" in more recent times. Perhaps this so as to appeal to a wider electorate. Anybody know what has Vincent "Ballyfermot" Jackson ever done for Inchicore? I know he's done tremendous work for Ballyfermot, but that's not the issue.
James R21/08/2014Peter- in a word 'nothing'.
mick21/08/2014Bluebell and Inchicore are not the same.
People come down from Ballygermot and Clondalkin to schools and for nightlife.
It is like saying Crumlin and Drimnagh are the same.
Sarah O'21/08/2014Mick, I disagree. Anyway if ye knew a bit of history: Drimnagh and Crumlin have the exact same houses, The Crumlin Childrens Hospital and Crumlin shopping centre are both technically in Drimnagh. And Drimnagh when it was built was called North Crumlin.
mick21/08/2014I do know my history. I am here over 60 yrs and Bluebell Cemetery used to come under Drimnagh not Inchicore. I have done a lot of research!
Sarah O'21/08/2014And now the Bluebell Parish is tied in with the Oblates.
ray21/08/2014Mick, you are right. The only reason that Bluebell is now connected with the Oblates is because the Oblates run all 3 parishes. I remember going to meeting with the Oblate parishes and they said they might not be there long term, so the link could be broken. Inchicore is a place in its own right with a lot of history in it. Inchicore is often linked with Kilmainham which I prefer to Bluebell. Not that much history in Bluebell. It is better to keep Inchicore on its own as for many years there was a divide between the two parishes and they have sorted that a bit
James R22/08/2014Bluebell bashing aside, who is the best local rep? i.e. the actual title of the post.
mick22/08/2014It is not Bluebell bashing just pointing out the facts. As was already said they have a different postal address and even come under 2 garda stations. One time it was 3. To answer your question, we don't know as some are newly elected. Vincent Jackson and Daithi Doolin are good in their area. We will have to wait and see
joe b22/08/2014Inchicore is bad enough without adding Bluebell. Paul Hand is their rep and he will work for them. You can't blame people working for their own areas. I did not see anyone calling around Inchicore not even the Byrnes called in previous elections so that speaks volumes
kathleen currivan22/08/2014Bluebell experienced a lot of challenges over the years.I remember when the church was built in 1968, a lot of the new parishioners wanted to remain in their original parishes. Although people attended, and contributed, there was a certain resentment about the change.The team of clergy and all involved worked long and hard but it was always a struggle.
Ger24/08/2014I have always found Paul Hand helpful for Inchicore matters.
Katie16/10/2014Agree 100% Ger, Paul Hand is doing great work in the area at the moment.
Alan c16/10/2014I have to agree too.
I watch the council meetings online and yesterday's meeting for the South Central Area had two motions passed specific to inchcioe.
Paul Hand successfully proposed to the area manager to investigate if a football pitch can be provided in Inchicore, the area manager agreed to enter into discussion witht the ESB to see if they are willing to let their lands be used.

Also Brid Smith asked the area manager to see if the area in the Bulfin Estate known as the pitch can be revamped back into a green area. This is also excellent and it will be added to a wish list for the South Central area
Well done to them both
Rosie22/10/2014Is 'the pitch' the tarmac raised area at bottom of Kickham Road (canal side)? That would be really great, its a bit of an eyesore now.
Alan c22/10/2014That's it Rosie, the raised tarmac area alone canal.
It could be an excellent amenity.
Its early stages though, but hopefully we will see something done there.