Vicious dog

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Emma05/08/2014There is male walking around the bulfin area with a very big white dog I think it's of a German Shepard breed. It is never on the leash or muzzled and it's very vicious. It has attacked my dog twice now and last night my dog ended up injured because the dog doesn't respond to the owner who says the dog is "friendly" !! The owner had to physically remove his dog away from my very small glen imaal who then ran and was even afraid to come back to me! I rang the guards and they told me there was nothing they could do and hung up on me! I rang the dog wardens who told me there's nothing they can do, he needs to be seen walking the dog before 5pm then ring them so they might come over to see if they can see him?
Does anyone know where this man and dog are from?? I'm worried that this dog will attack mine again or worse a child! The owner walks ahead leaving the dog behind so he really doesn't know what the dog is doing !!
Local05/08/2014Hi Emma, The Dog Warden can issue him with a fine, payable to Dublin City Council, for not having the Alsation on a leash. The Gardai can prosecute him if he fails to pay the fine.

You should bring your phone so as to video it if you see him again. I'm sure the Dog Warden will accept your video evidence.

Hopefully you are able to identify him.

You could get someone to follow him home in order to find out where he lives !
WMT05/08/2014Hi Emma,

The law is that such a dog must be on a lead, muzzled etc. The following link will be of use and you can look-up the cited law etc.

The reactions to your complaints shows why the country is in such a mess - people don't do the job they are paid to do.
Emm05/08/2014Thank you everyone for your replies,

We followed him last night but he literally just disapeared he went running as soon as we said we were calling the guards, we told him to stay because my dog would need to be seen and that he would have to pay the bill but he said he was very sorry but had to go so my dad got into the car but he was gone!

Your exactly right the law states these dogs must be on a lead and muzzled but yet when you report it your told there's nothing they can do they have the whole of Dublin to go around and 2 dogs fighting aren't there concern!! I tired to explain it was not 2 dogs fighting it was one dog attacking another dog because of an irresponsible owner!

I'm so annoyed that I just have to except this and fear now about walking my dog!! I'm 7months pregnant also I have to worry about protecting myself Aswel as my dog it's sickening !