Derelict former Centra Shop demolished

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Peter Mc05/08/2014The derelict former Centra Shop was demolished today, the 5th August. I spoke to the workers on site and the informed me that it was demolished as it was structurally dangerous and people had been entering it lighting fires at night.

In my opinion, it's great that it's demolished.

Anybody know what replacement building might be planned for the site ?

I haven't seen any planning applications for the site.

I have heard a rumour that Lidl are interested in building a shop on the site.
M05/08/2014That would be too wonderful - The space is too small. Wasn't there going to be a Lidl on Davit Road ? or am I confused
Oisín07/08/2014The thing is that no matter how ugly a building is, or how delapidated the owners have let it get, you can't just demolish a building when you have no planning permission. It will probably stay as a derelict site with rubbish piling up now, and makes the village look bad.

The city council have been informed ( and if any else wants to complain also)
Alan C07/08/2014Oisin there is no point complaining as the council would have to have approved the demolishing and would only do so if there is a danger to the public.
The building was in immediate danger of collapse.
I believe it also was recently sold (the new owners are not responsible for the dangerous state of the building) and I imagine there is a good chance they bought it with plans in mind to develop the site. Its a cleared site now making I that bit easier to develop.
Oisin08/08/2014I wouldn't be that confident that the council knew anything about this demolition before it was done. There is a process to deal with buildings and it is the council that 'condemn' them.

Frequently owners of this kind of property allow them to become dangerous or simply demolish them so that it is easier to get planning permission for something else. If there was a building still there, they would have to justify if their planning application why the building can't simply be restored while if it is just a patch of land it can be easier to put whatever monstrosity they want up.

I think a Lidl here would be a disaster for Europar, Scoops, Tru Valu and the other McGiverns shop on Tyrconnell Road. Also, they normally like to have parking spaces and there wouldn't be enough space for them.
mick08/08/2014I heard that this site will be used to build apts. Rumour has it that the person who owns the site also owns the apts opposite Eurospar.
Peter Mc09/08/2014Mick, exactly which apartments opposite the eurospar is he rumoured to own ? Is it the terrrace of apartments overhead the terrace of shops: Jamal 5-in-1, etc ?
Sean09/08/2014A lidl there would be great. I'm sick of the overcharging that goes on in eurospar. Ladbrokes is gone as well now.
mick09/08/2014The apts over the Tanning Shop. It a woman who owns it. Lidl are definitely not going into the old Centra. I doubt if Aldi will go there either.
jono10/08/2014I was told that Aldi are definitely going there. All I can say is I heard from someone in a high position in Aldi.
Alan C13/08/2014They have cleared the whole site now and it looks quite big, even big enough for an Aldi store.
I would definitely welcome Aldi to the village despite Oisins concerns as I would actually like to shop there it would be handy.
Pater Mc14/08/2014I would be delighted if an Aldi is built on the site. Let's hope.
Rob19/08/2014Yeah, I would much prefer to be over-charged in Eurospar than have a nice reasonable Aldi or Lidl - Lidl preferably because they have a bakery!
Rob19/08/2014Anyway... I've heard that apparently the owner did demolish it without any permission and DCC have received a rake of complaints. They are also threatening the owners with legal action. There is also currently no planning permission for anything on the site with DCC :(
M19/08/2014I can't understand why anyone would complain. It's now a secure clean looking space, much better than derelict, hazardous, falling down shop - like something abandoned after Chernobyl.
WMT20/08/2014Seems to be a fair amount of activity in this immediate area -

Centra open space, the bookies next door gone[?] and directly across the road Bolger's gone.
Jim20/08/2014I have to say I'm always amazed how an area so close to the city centre doesn't have a busy bustling business area. I have lived in cities in Europe as well as Australia and suburbs this close to the city would be the most desirable place to live in.

Maybe it will become like that as the city keeps growing.
Resident20/08/2014Does anyone know who owns that site and the building across the road with a bolgers sign on it. They should be held more accountable for the contribution those buildings make to the village. Ensuring they are occupied maintained and kept strictly within planning permission.
M20/08/2014Jim - I have thought exactly that for nine years now. I thought Inchicore would bloom and develop - small parts of it has. Italian restaurant, environmental group. There's still hope.. . .
Ann21/08/2014I agree with the previous posters that Inchicore has plenty of potential.

It would be great to see the following in Inchicore:
1.A decent bakery like Natural Bakery in Kilmainham
2.A good fresh fruit and veg shop perhaps combined with a bit of an health store,
3. A deli/wine shop where you can buy nice cheese, olives, wines etc
4. A nice coffee shop (baby/toddler friendly perferably)

One can live in hope!
Maybe we can do something with that hope!

If we could get a few hundred people in inchicore together we could set up a co-op.
We could twist a few arms and get a landlord to give us an empty shop (obviously can't be Centra now). Then we need to twist a few other arms so that the council wouldn't charge us rates, at least for a while. Open a coffee shop and get in a fruit veg seller, health food, second hand books, maybe 1-2 days or evenings a week. Give them a few years and if they get the support of local people they will thrive. Then they can move out and create sustainable local businesses and we have ourselves a village!

Who's in?
mick21/08/2014Great idea. We had a co-op many years ago. The credit union were involved. Maybe ask them.
Oisin22/08/2014Thanks Mick
I will contact the credit union, but like I said, it will need a lot of people to be involved.
Brendan23/08/2014Hey, We've just recently bought a house on Connolly Avenue and will be moving in in a month or so. I think the co-op is a great idea and would certainly get involved.

By the way we've rented in Kilmainham for the last 9 years and the changes that have taken place there in the last few have been amazing. In a large part thanks to the guy who opened up the eurospar, Insomnia coffee shop and then the natural bakery.
Tim27/08/2014I noticed a lot of rubbish dumped into the empty space last evening. It looks like the people living in the block of flats (social housing of course) have dumped their rubbish into it. What is it with these people!! Do they not care what kind of place they live in. One thing I've noticed is that area with social housing in the area are the biggest kips. Myra Close (the green area there is like a dump), Emmet Crescent and now this block. I really hope Thornton Heights does not turn out the same but I have a bad feeling about it...
Ann27/08/2014The Co-op is an excellent idea Oisin.
Count me in too.

Would this be something like the Dublin Food Co-op that operates in Newmarket.

I would say that alot of people would be interested.
Peter Mc28/08/2014I heard a new rumour that the site of the former centra shop will be used as a car park for the apartments beside it that never got proper car parking spaces. I don't know what to believe now. Did anybody hear this new rumour ?
Fiona 28/08/2014A Co-op would be great for Inchicore.
Count me in!

I'm sure there wouldn't be much problem getting at least 100 people who would be interested.

Perhaps we could get advice from the Dublin Co-op to see how they got off the ground.
Oisin 28/08/2014I know people involved in the Dublin Food Co-op on Newmarket and used to volunteer there in the past, so will get info off them.

To make it all inclusive going door to door with the idea might get the message to everyone. I will put together a leaflet when I get more info from the Dublin Food Co-Op and the Credit Union.

Weymouth04/09/2014Hi Oisin, I'm also interested in the co-op idea. Great way to get things done.
gino04/10/2014if lidl going to open in inchicore that it will be great for creating more job for the local it could be bad news for the spar and it eill be, because I think the spar is designed for emergency shoppers not for familys grocery another way (ripoff) and im sure lidl it will be very welcoming in inchicore form day one
r09/09/2016Inchicore definatly needs a bank. All the banks we have had have closed over the years. Our nearest back is in Ballyfermot or in Walkinstown and is not visable for people to do there banking business.
Allan14/09/2016Passing this site last night I noticed that a palnning application notice has gone up. As I thought it is for apartments and a shop underneath. I think it is the last thing the village needs is another unoccupied retail shop.

There are so many in the area now and really doesn't help with the look and feel of the village. I've never appealed planning permission beofre but was wondering if this would be grounds to appeal it?
alan C14/09/2016This is a tricky one Allan, basically the site is zoned for commercial so if the planning application didn't include commercial use at ground floor the council would not be able to approve it.
I read the planning and it is described as retail/restaurant at ground floor which is more promising.
I do know (from posts here) that someone offered to rent the old Ulster bank and the looked at other empty retail sites but were unable to as they were not approved for restaurant use as it is a restaurant they wanted to open.
An alternative to objecting yourself is to contact a local counsellor or TD who will do so on your behalf if you prefer.
derek trenaman16/09/2016Hi All

I am a local resident and an architect working in the office that has submitted this application on behalf of the owner. I am available to discuss this project with anyone who has a query in relation to the project. You can contact me at

Derek Trenaman
Ian19/09/2016Hi Derek, thanks for the opportunity to ask questions on this. I think it's better for the area to have residencies there rather than an empty lot. However like Allan I'd be a bit concerned about another empty retail space in the village. It doesn't add anything to the area and I was wondering does the owner have a tenant lined up before the build?
derek trenaman20/09/2016Ian, Thanks for your interest. The planning department require us to provide commercial use on the ground street level this is a requirement of the development plan. We are very much tied to complying with this weather we agree with it or not. We have selected a Retail/Restaurant use as I know there is alot of interest to put this use in the area.

I am a big advocate to fill the unsightly gaps of Inchicore and reuse existing buildings to create a vibrant community and business environment. To this end we have been working with estate agents and business owners to reuse the existing shops. We are hoping soon that the old true value which closed last year will open as a bakery/cafe with a new residential apt above in the near future.

We have also installed an 4 bed house/ apartment above Brock Delappe recently for there owner and young family. This type of forward outside the box thinking by the owner about living in the city is fantastic for Inchicore and will open the door to others to follow likewise.