How to report dumping

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Inchicore Environmental Group01/08/2014Hi,

Just thought I'd let you all know about reporting dumping and how it can work. We reported dumping at the canal by opening a service request here:

It was resolved in a few days.

The before and after are here:

This system seems to work. It's probably the most efficient way for the Corpo move their people around because they know exactly what the workload is.

Oisin08/08/2014I use a different system for a few reasons:

It can be very hard to use the DCC website from a mobile device - and you are normally out and about when you see dumping.
The DCC website doesn't allow you to show a picture of the dumping and doesn't seem to keep you updated about what is happening, unless you keep logging back in to see what is happening.

I use an app on my mobile phone called SeeClickFix, which sends an e-mail to the Dublin Litter Blog, who then put it on the councils website. This way other people can see that it is reported, they can add their comments, and everything is visible and transparent (you can see the pictures on, on the mobile phone app, and @DublinLitter on twitter)
It also creates a map of litter blackspots in the area and gives community groups ideas about where to hold cleanups!
Alan C13/08/2014I have been using, they have a smart phone app too. And for the last couple of weeks I have reported any illegal dumping I saw on Tyrconnell Road, it's shocking how just a few individuals make such a mess of the street there where the trees are. In the last 10 days I have reported 13 separate incidents of illegal dumping on Tyrconnell rd to the council and more elsewhere in inchcioee and Kilmainham.
I am hoping the more official reports of dumping are mad the more effort they will make to stop it happening.
I would also say that ALL of the candidates running for the council in the last election said they would tackle this problem, but none of the elected reps have done anything.
I know oisin has been very active on this and other environmental issues but unfortunately was not successful this time in the election.
The more people that report the better.
Colm O'Regan14/08/2014Alan and Oisin, you're spot on about both of those options. I should have included them in the update so thanks.

Although sometimes it seems like a bit of Herculean task you'd like to think that at least by recording all of this it gives data and a bit of ammunition for whoever might be campaigning within public service departments for resources etc so if it doesn't take too much effort, all types of reporting are worth doing.
Hopefully anyway :)
Shea14/08/2014I see from today`s Irish Times that Dun Laoghaire/Rathdown Council is to install CCTV to catch graffitii artistis.It`s a pity DCC don`t do the same to catch illegal dumping which is rampant not just in Dublin 8 but all over the City.
Ger24/08/2014I usually report it on the Dublin City Council website. The more times these events are logged in their system the better as they will build up a picture of the problem areas.