your favourite part about living in the inchicore area

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Resident21/07/2014Whats your favourite thing about living in inchicore?
The good weather recently and the new bike stations make it so easy to grab a bike and cycle anywhere in town. Is my new favourite thing about living here.
What's yours?
anna22/07/2014I like the fact that Inchicore is close to Phoenix Park Memorial Gardens, Royal Hospital and also close to town. I love the fact that we have the bikes now too. Inchicore is a great place to live.
Shea22/07/2014In addition to above I would like to add the Canal, the quirky and unusual homes in the "works",Friday gigs in the Patriots,Evening Pints in the Royal Oak,St Pats in Europe(and I`m a Rovers fan!)strolling/cycling the tow path to Chapelizod,the trees on Tyrconnell road....................
Inchicorean23/07/2014The Inchicore Sports and Social Club in the works is brilliant and a fantastic resource for the community. Lots of good things on and the committee are to be commended on their hard work! Kilmainham Gaol;IMMA and fantastic war memorial gardens. The loop around from Inchicore Road, past the Hilton and around coming back through the village. The Italian restaurant which is great to have as a little local place. The Buddhist Centre on Inchicore Road with drop in meditation. The playground for the kids; the allotments and the nice staff down at the Inchicore medical centre. The Thursday music in Cleary's; a meal in the Blacklion and a stone's throw from town. It's all good.
local person26/07/2014You can walk from kilmainham to castleknock completely through parkland. Living by the biggest urban park in Europe is just fantastic. Then you also have the memorial park to stroll along the river to get there if you like.
Nothing else like it in the summer.

It's great living so close to the Phoenix Park and the War Memorial Gardens, which are lovely places to go for a stroll or long walk. Also, great for a good stretch is the riverside walk from the War Memorial Gardens to Chapelizod.

The walk around Inchicore Road and Kilmainham is grand for a short stroll.

The canal also looks really good lately, since it has been cleaned up. I believe this is due at least in part to the lnchicore Environmental Group. Also, the existence of this group reflects a sense of community spirit. I keep meaning to come and join in!

There is a good mix of younger and older people in the area. The street that I live on (Thomas Davis Street) has lots of young people in the newer developments, and some older people, in the old cottages, some of whom have lived there for years. On Summer days some of the older people come out to their front doors, to watch the world go by, and chat to by-passers!

Inchicore is a really convenient location, with good public transport links to the city centre. You can drive to almost any part of the city, even well north or south, in less than an hour. So handy for the M50, and for heading down the country - once you cross the canal you are straight onto the Nass Road....
pat30/07/2014My favourite thing about living in inchicore is that it's not ballyfermot.
kathleen currivan31/07/2014Pat, I have to disagree with you about Ballyfermot. One of my favourite things about Inchicore is that it's so close to Ballyfermot-shops,library etc. I've been without a car for the past few weeks, so it's out the wicket gate on the bike and over to Tesco's.Very convenient!
pat31/07/2014Kathleen: Yea I appreciate that ballyer has a lot of amenities. I grew up there and I hate the place. I've been living in inchicore for the past 9 years and it still hits me how peaceful the place is compared to ballyer. There's a thread giving out about the kids at the spar, man that's nothing compared to the crap in that over populated aggressive tense crazy estate I come from.

The level of crime, addiction, dysfunction, lack of education etc in ballyer is unreal, far beyond inchicore. Inchicore has a good mix of classes, professions, nationalities. Ballyer is almost 100% ballyer people who have never lived anywhere else and never will. It's an aggressive tense concrete jungle.

So for me the best thing about inchicore is that it's not ballyfermot, and that's a big deal.

Now having said all that the one thing about ballyer is that you certainly wouldn't have a convicted rapist set up home there and stroll about the stress after his picture has been in the paper. My wife saw that rapist guy mulvihill yesterday on tyrconnell road. If that was ballyer he would be in very grave danger.
kathleen currivan31/07/2014Maybe my view of Ballyfermot is coloured by my own favourable experiences of it. I grew up on Killeen Rd. near Fox and Geese In the late 50's , early 60'S, the family often went to Mass and shopped there. There was always a great atmosphere and there still is. Large groups of young Ballyfermot people from about five to fifteen used to walk around Knockmitten Lane on Sundays, picking blackberries. We didn't lock our doors until latter years. A lot of the neighbours didn't. You could go out for the whole day on Sundays without fear of anyone interfering with your house or garden. An orchard was robbed once but it was discovered that local kids were the culprits!
Guest01/08/2014Hi like the community spirit also.

Even though I'm sort of sick of the endless updates about the Gangs Hanging Around The Shop (GHATS for short, they must be nearly elligible for adult court at this stage, the threads been going so long), It's actually a positive sign. I'm glad that people are still interested enough in their area to keep an eye out for stuff. People do care about the area.

Also this close to the city centre in a modern city is a huge asset. The transport that's there, the possibility of an underground DART. Unless global warming floods the place, long term Inchicore is onto a winner despite despite the copperwire burners or the GHATS.
Grace06/08/2014Proximity to city centre and M50 a real plus. Canal for a relaxing stroll. St. Mary's church and grounds. Quiet at night. Enviromental group who do great work. Lots of positive things.
Peter Mc06/08/2014In no particular order ....

The War Memorial Park and Gardens.

The Grattan Crescent park, playground and gardening allotments.

The Oblates Church and Grounds on Tyrconnel Road.

The Enoteca Torino Italian Restaurant and Wine Bar.

The CIE Estate.

Kilmainham Jail.

The Royal Hospital Kilmainham and the grounds and gardens.
Oisin08/08/2014The people!

I first got drawn to Inchicore by someone at St Pats FC when I was fundraising for a charity trip to Africa. I was struck by how generous ordinary people were.

Later I discovered the railway estate with its sports & social club and we now live there.

Inchicore has managed to put together it's Enviromental Group, which like other things in inchicore is a great mix of people who've always lived here and new people.

There's also all the parks nearby, the canal,
The Jail & Royal Hospital, 3 butchers, a library, a scattering of interesting (is it Art Deco?) architecture in the old Bank of Ireland, Boles Chemist, .... the Enoteca, but it's the community that keeps these and other things (like St. Michaels church going)

Finally, the people again. I just tried unsuccessfully to get elected to the council, but more than half of the votes I did get came from Inchicore - so thank you all very much!
eva cahill12/08/2014very sorry to hear pat condeam ballyfermott many good people lived and still live there you will always get good and bad everywhere
Linda-Marie26/02/2015I've spent 3 months vacationing in Inchicore and I love it. I am an older female from Florida, and I stay here because I love it. Peaceful, friendly, even some of the workers in the shops recognize me from last year and that's important. I feel very safe here, stores within walking distance, and everyone says "Hiya!". Can't wait to come back next year.
sam28/02/2015The Italian in Inchicore is great fresh food nice service at a reasonable price. Also been so close to town is very handy. I looked at Rialto so glad I picked Inchicore.
Vincent H03/03/2015Great piece about Inchicore regeneration on RTE Radio 1 with Sean O'Rourke this morning. Listen here:
Kika04/03/2015Love the Italian, the Hilton Hotel and the Old Royal Oak pub!