Planning Application for Student Accommodation at the Old Horse & Jockey Pub

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Oisín11/07/2014I spotted this planning application recently.
(Link shortened for ease of use!)

I wonder is there really that much of a need for student accommodation for ICFE, or is it some sort of way of getting planning permission which will be changed to apartments later?
kathleen currivan12/07/2014I wouldn't have thought there was a need for this.
Peter Mc12/07/2014Oisin: apparently there is a huge demand for good quality student accommodation all across Dublin and these student apartments on Emmet Road will be for students attending any of the college in the city. It seems like a genuine and honest planning application to me, but I'm not an expert. You have more experience in these matters.
anne13/07/2014I agree with the last comment. I think it is genuine and I know the applicant and he has student accommodation elsewhere. Also it could be good for student nurses from St James. Some people are very quick to knock ideas, anything would be better than what is there at present.
Oisin14/07/2014Anne: I'm not knocking the idea, just putting it up here so that people know, and asking questions in case they need to be asked.

Sometimes off campus student accomodation doesn't work all that well, as a lot of students prefer to rent apartments if they can. It works better when the colleges run them as there is some control over the rent so that students don't get exploited. Perhaps the people you know work well with Students Unions etc. and already have an agreement in place with somewhere.
kathleen currivan15/07/2014My comment above reflected my own experience. All the students whom I knew in ICFE were living at home with their parents. I could be completely off the mark there.
Peter Mc16/07/2014Oisin and Kathleen: it seems to me that this proposed student accommodation is not aimed specifically for the ICFE. It looks like the accommodation will be for all students in any of the many colleges in Dublin city.
M16/07/2014It would be very suitable for students at Ballyfermot College of F.E
Eileen16/07/2014I would be interested in student acc. in Inchicore. I will be going to college in Tallaght but really don't want to live there. I could get the Luas to Tallaght.
Oisin14/08/2014I had a closer look at the application and the observations on it. I hadn't realised from the initial description that it was a pub with student accomodation (modern bedsits)

More family homes that are in tune with area are what is needed here.

Hopefully the council will listen to those who commented and common sense will prevail.
N l14/08/2014The recent city plan means apartments must meet a minimum size to allow for more family oriented accommodation, although it's still far less than on the continent. Looking at this application the square footage per unit is far smaller, so under the guise of student accommodation, I would wager the developer simply wants to squeeze more units into less space.
Peter Mc14/08/2014N I, are you implying that the developer is doing anything illegal? It looks like an honest planning application.
Oisin 28/08/2014The city council refused this one on the grounds that it was too big (and about 30 other reasons)
Report here
Hopefully they will come up with a more sensible proposal soon.
Peter Mc29/08/2014The Dublin City Council website only has one reason cited for the refusal. I could not find the other 30 reasons. Oisin, would you know where can the other 30 reasons be viewed ?

The reason for refusal cited is on the Dublin City Council website is ....

The proposed development, by reason of its height and bulk, and its proximity to residences in the vicinity, would overlook, overshadow and overbear upon residences in the vicinity. The scale of the development and the materials proposed would be inconsistent with the established character of the area. Therefore the proposed development would constitute overdevelopment of a severely constrained site, which would be seriously injurious to the amenity of residents , would be contrary to the zoning objective Z1 ‘To protect, provide and improve residential amenities’ and would be consequently be contrary to the proper planning and sustainable development of the area.
Oisin29/08/2014There is a list starting at (a) and going beyond (z) in the PDF document I linked to.
Peter Mc29/08/2014Oisin, the list starting at (a) and going beyond (z) is a list of observations by members of the public. At least, that's what it is in my uneducated view. It seems from the Dublin City Council website that the reason for refusal was as I mentioned in my preceding post.