Childminder Recommendations

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Dublin 8 newbie08/07/2014Hi, we are new to inchicore and are expecting our first baby. We would really like to use a childminder when the time comes. We would welcome any thoughts, ideas or recommendations. Many thanks in advance.
DK10/07/2014Whilst you are enquiring about childminders rather than creches, I though I'd let you know our experience. We live in the CIE Estate and 4 years ago we investigated the possibility of getting a full time childminder for our 10 month old child as both of us parents are working full time. We were surprised to discover at that time that the cost of a full time childminder was not that much less than a creche. We decided to send our child to the Safari Creche in Heuston South Quarter and we are delighted with it. Out child was there from 10 months to 4 years old. It's a personal decision for each parent but if you are considering a creche too then you might be interested to know that we found that particular creche great. I have heard that the cost of childminders has come down in the last couple of years. Good luck with your search !
Dublin 8 newbie 14/07/2014Hi DK - thank you so much for your message. Its great to hear lots of perspectives. I'm glad you (and your child!!) had a good experience with Safari. We are open to options but we think our preference is child minder. We would be delighted to hear from others.
eileen14/07/2014I am concerned that all the shops are closing in Inchicore. Boles is up for sale as well as Bolgers. In a way I am glad Bolgers is going as it is an eyesore but more empty buildings is not good