Davis Court

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pushia24/06/2014Is Davis Court comprised of flats only or are there houses as well?

Is it nice there? How secure is it?
joe25/06/2014It's in very close proximity to the worst parts of inchicore, drugs, crime, delinquents aplenty. I wouldn't live there if I was given a place for free. Avoid!
Local resident25/06/2014
Hi Pushia. I live in Davis Court, and have been here for a few years. To answer your queries: The estate includes 40 apartments (two bed and one bed) and eight townhouses. Some of the properties are owner occupied, but the majority are rented. It is quite popular for renting, and any place on the market seems to go pretty quickly.

There are quite a mix of people in the estate, including some single, and some families with young children. The number of kids mean that it can be somewhat noisy in the early evenings, but it is generally very peaceful at night time.

In terms of security, the estate does have security gates, and CCTV. However, there have been some issues very recently where a number of cars were broken into. The common areas are fairly well maintained.

The location is very handy both for getting into the city centre, with regular bus routes and the Luas, and access out of the city by car.

There are some nice friendly people living on Thomas Davis St also.

It has to be admitted that the area up the road, particularly around the flats is not very appealing, with a lots of graffiti and litter, and some evidence of drug dealing. I have had one or two issues, but generally if you mind your own business no one will disturb you. Some of the kids from the surrounding area can be a problem, particularly around the Eurospar. Id suggest you take a walk around and see how you feel about things.

Joes response I consider was unhelpful and inflammatory. I would question has he ever even visited Davis Court.
Local resident25/06/2014Sorry - that should have read, 58 apartments and 8 townhouses.
raymond25/06/2014I think Davis Court is a lovely complex. I know people there who are very happy, no complaints.
Kieran Griffin26/08/2014Hi Guys,

As a resident of Davis Court, could you help me make contact with your Residents Association.

I noticed your common area lighting was on 24/7 when I passed by recently. Please ask your RA to look at my website www.Pingwave.ie for a simple solution. We have retrofit similar sites and reduced the lighting bill by 85%.