Inchicore Environmental Group Cleanup Wednesday June 25th 7.30pm Meeting at Workmans Club

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Colm O'Regan23/06/2014Hello all,

After a bumper crop along the canal in mid-June and a well-deserved picnic on the path (see - dog not included), we turn back to the village. We will be meeting at 7.30 at the Workman's Club on Emmet Road.

If you can at all spare an hour or even 45 minutes we would greatly appreciate it. It's not and never will be a replacement for individual responsibility or local authority environmental maintenance. It's just a gesture to show that as a community we care about a great historic, interesting and in places scenic area which has a strong neighbourly ethos.

If you are coming along please try and be there by 7.30 if at all possible as we lock away the gear while we are out cleaning and don't have the manpower to mind it.

We are also looking for your suggestions about what kind of improvements we can undertake around Inchicore or litter blackspots that could be tackled. As a group we are limited by manpower (and the law :))but there might be small improvements that can make a big difference.

If you spot fly-tipping, dumping, please take log it here

Finally Rialto Environmental Group are doing a canal cleanup from Herberton Bridge down to Suir Road also on Wednesday at 7.30. If that suits you better we won't take offence!
Ian23/06/2014I''ll be there. Hopefully this run of good weather continues and a we get a few new faces there. See you at 7.30

Vincent H24/06/2014Should be a great evening! It's always great to meet more people from Inchicore during the outings. See you there.
Ian26/06/2014Not a great turnout last night but I suppose the weather may have been a factor. The most noticeable thing about the clean up was how clean the village was before we even got started. Hopefully that's a continuing trend.

I'd encourage as many people to come to our next cleanup as it only takes about an hour or so and is good fun.