Planning permission in the village

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SG20/06/2014Hi , I notice there is a planning application for the site by the river opposite the spar. Has anyone had a look at the plan in the council office and what does it look like? From the sign it appears to be another 4 story concrete box over am empty shop, completely out of context with its surroundings.
Local Resident24/06/2014I did an online planning search at dublin city council's website ( but I could not find any current application for planning permission for a premises opposite the Eurospar.

SG, do you know what the planning reference on the sign is? I couldn't see a sign on the street.
M24/06/2014I also searched the planning - it's not there. I wonder is it on the site yet. The sign is above the pretend wall - you need to be eight foot tall to read it.
Local Resident25/06/2014Hi, I took a photo of the planning application notice this morning. The notice is very high up on a board attached to the wall. It's at 203 Emmet Road.

You can view my photo by pasting or typing the following link into your web browser:

You can read the text of the notice very clearly in my photo.
Oisin03/07/2014Here is a shortened link to the plans on the City Council Website.


My first impression of it is that it is huge, and that with the number of vacant retail premises in the village, we really don't need another empty one.
Alan C03/07/2014Oisin I would agree that we don't need another vacant retail unit.
There are a couple of problems with this pp:
1. Three is no provision for bicycle parking for the apartment residents
2. The walkway along the river looks to be too narrow as this is part of the Camac Greenway which is meant to be a cycle/walking route.

I might make an observation on the pp and basically they need to widen the walkway to allow for cyclists/walkers and provide secure bicycle parking and that prob means no space for a retail unit.
E04/07/2014I just took a look at the detailed plans, on DC website (as per link supplied by Oisin). Interesting to read. It's hard to imagine that they can squeeze a building of this size onto such a small triangle of land.

As noted, there are several empty retail units in the village, so why add another one?

I note that there will be no parking available for the apartments, with no on street parking close by, so ruling out quite a number of potential of tenants. They are also very strangely shaped.

Will the pedestrian walkway just lead around to Camac Close? That said, it would be nice to have even some type of walkway along the river.
Daniel05/07/2014River walkways sound nice, but in reality would probably just attract more problems for apartment owners - crime, vandalism, loitering etc. Not even sure if the walkway would have a destination as such.
Oisin29/07/2014Just submitted this to the council. (Others have 2 more days to make an observation - costs you 20)
Observation on proposals for 203 Emmet Road Inchicore

As a local resident interested in the improvement of the village of Inchicore, I welcome that there are plans to develop this site, which has been vacant for a considerable period of time in the centre of the village.

However, I would have concerns about the bulk, density and sensitivity of the proposals, and also it's impact on the amenity of the Camac River and bridge adjacent to the site.

Inchicore is a village which owes it's existence to the railway works nearby. Much of the architecture one the north side of Emmet Road includes the vernacular styles, of the railway era in Ireland, but also some Art Deco style buildings. This development does not complement either.

The plans submitted for this bookend site to an early 20th century terrace seem to dwarf the existing buildings and do not contribute to the continuity of the street. While it may mirror the building to the west of the Camac, and the Tramyards development opposite, these developments have a larger footprint and are not book end in -fill developments. There are many other sites in the area which would be more suitable for higher density development which would be complimentary to the overall

Construction of an additional retail premises in a village where there are 10-20 vacant retail premises of mixed quality does not seem desirable. Some of the problems currently being reported by residents such as antisocial behaviour and littering are a result of "broken window syndrome" created by the number of vacant retail premises.

The National Cycle Plan (see also has implications for the site which have not been taken into account. An important off-street cycling route tracks the Camac River. This route should meet Emmet Road adjacent to the bridge, but space does not appear to be left between the proposed building and the river for this facility.

The decision not to include parking places on the basis of there being light rail services nearby is also flawed. While the Luas provides access to Tallaght and the city centre conveniently, the lack of overall connectivity in the system means that parking spaces will in all likelihood be needed by residents. Such parking spaces should be included so as to remove vehicles from the roads. Experience outside apartment complexes throughout the area shows an increased demand on parking facilities in some cases to the detriment of cycle lanes and other amenities. An additional retail premises would add further pressure to the scant parking in the village.
Oisin28/08/2014Seems the Council have listened to some concerns, planning report here:
They have asked for more information before they will give permission.
Andrew03/08/2016I see a new application notice has appeared on this site 203 Emmet Rd. Dated 26th July 2016
M24/01/2018Plannning permission granted -
There's a new large sign on the site, with a picture of the proposed building
M25/01/2018Is there any way this site could support links ?
E26/01/2018I noticed a "For Sale" sign being erected at this site (on top of the fake wall) yesterday.