Oblate Grounds

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tanya17/04/2014I brought my children up to the Oblates tonight and then we went around the Rosary Walk and there was 2 fellas dealing drugs. I know this was on the forum before, couldn't find the link. There were some elderly people walking around there, I don't think they were aware of it. There were no priests around so I couldn't say anything. Be careful.
Ck17/04/2014I was walking my dog the other night and saw 2 fellas passing something over, guess it was drugs. I remember there was a link before, it must have been taken down. There are a few shooting up in the grotto and right at the rear of the graveyard.
raymond18/04/2014This is an ongoing problem. They will move on after a while, ring the gardai or get the priest to do something,