Looking to buy in the CIE Estate

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Interested10/04/2014Can anybody tell me what are the old railway workers houses in the CIE Estate like to maintain? Is dampness much an issue ? There have been a few for sale recently and I saw one of these old 19th century granite houses in the CIE Estate with a BER of "F", which is the second worst rating on the BER scale. Are they expensive to heat?

What is the area like? Is there much crime? Is it safe?

I know these are a lot of questions, but I'd just like to hear more about the CIE Estate.
Paul17/04/2014We live there for 12 happy years. The BER system doesn't do the house justice. The walls are thick so they retain heat and are soundproof. The houses aren't large so it's easy enough to make changes that improve the rating. The neighbours are great, there's always some level of anti-social but in our time it was never too extreme.
Oisin22/04/2014We have been living here for almost 2 years and love it.
I think the level of antisocial behaviour, while it exists, is less than in other areas, and a strong community "neighbourhood watch" exists.
The houses can be made warm, but as they have 150 year old granite walls you have to take a different approach than with more modern cavity brick houses.