Dance groups/classes around the Inchicore area for children?

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TK09/04/2014I have a 6 year old daughter who is interested in joining dance classes in the evening can you recommend any around the Inchicore area please? Thanks a mill
I've heard that Spotlight in St Michael's are very good, I'm thinking of sending my little one there too hopefully but I think there's a waiting list (must be extremely popular) or Inchicore Variety Group in Scoil Mhuire Gan Smal they regularly have different pantos on which are thoroughly enjoyable for all the family to attend and the tickets are extremely reasonably priced.

I had my 8 year old daughter in a dance class in the new sports complex in St Michaels just across from the old CBS now the new Inchicore Family Doctors a few years ago, called Dream Origin, I wouldn't send my child there again or recommend anyone to send their children there! Very badly run and not worth paying for as the dances/pieces that the children are extremely basic and could be thought at home another thing that annoyed me about that particular dance group was even at the time of the show there was one of the teachers standing in front of the children doing the dance with them so basically the children are copying what the person in front of them is doing, which personally I think is ridiculous as you're sending your child to these classes to learn dancing and when it comes to showing it off there's someone there doing the dance for them and they're copying! I know I seem to be going on and on about this particular dance group but another thing that got to me was how rude the assistants are, there does always be a different one outside each week as the children come in and it was always one of the girls more than the other that would be extremely rude and not say hello to the parents/students as they were walking in or when paying for classes not even saying thank you or looking at you probably because she was too busy on her iPhone, which struck me a little odd, if she is so distracted by her phone outside the class room where people can see her I'd hate to think about what the 3 girls are like inside the class! Last point I will make about this dance group is, my little one said that on various occasions her and other students would ask to go to the bathroom and would be told no you'll have to wait or you should have went before you came into the class which in my opinion is absolutely DISGRACEFUL I know having children wanted to constantly leave to use the bathroom can be disrupting to the class but the way I see it is, if a child needs to go to the bathroom you let the child go regardless of what you're doing!

I know you have said in your post that you would like somewhere in Inchicore but I have heard nothing but good feedback from a dance group in Lucan called Dancity Ireland, who have the most amazing productions and have won the All Ireland dancing competitions on numerous occasions I have a friend who's child is in it and she has nothing but good things to say about it so maybe try there but I have given you 2 other local recommendations!

Best of luck and I hope your little one finds her dream hobby and has many happy years in it!

All the best,

Sarah x