Non-collection of bins on North Terrace, Feb 20th

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Paul Cullen20/02/2009Greyhound Recycling failed to empty the green bins today, the second Friday collection date in a row they have let us down. (Just like the old crowd, Oxigen).

Here's their response to queries:
I have checked with the driver he collected Inchicore Terrace South, this morning at 8.30am, but unfortunately he could not collected Inchicore Terrace North, due to major access problems, the driver will try again later. The driver nearly crashed in to a car on this road this morning, due to the cars parked.
We are collecting this road in one of are small truck's, but still can not access this road at the moment.

Later, after I pointed out that the council trucks never have any problem getting down North Terrace on a Tuesday, they responded thus:

I understand that this is very frustrating our small truck are bigger than the County Council truck's. We will try again later today, and if there still is a problem, we will arrange collection tomorrow morning.

So, the message is, leave your bins out (and hope they don't get knocked down/burned out, etc)
Paul Cullen28/02/2009Greyhound did eventually collect the bins a day late. Let's hope this was a one-off.