House needed in CIE works

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Eva&John05/04/2014Hi everyone,
We are a young married couple (early 30s), now with a 3 month old baby girl looking for a house in CIE works to buy ideally. We have been living in Kilmaihnam for the past three years and love the area. We have already bid on couple of houses but lost. Please let us know if you know anyone who thinks about selling and is interested in a direct sale. We would love a 3 bed in CIE works, ideally ready to move in but also one that need some work.
Thanks so much in advance
Lilybarlean07/04/2014There's one for sale on South Tce at the moment. Check out for details!
DK07/04/2014A 3/4 bed at 27 Abercorn Square in the CIE Estate has just gone sale agreed. It needed some work. It was an investment property and the rumour is that it was a bank repossession sale.

Good luck with your search.

tanya07/04/2014Just a piece of advice, Abercorn Sq are not well insulated houses. A friend of mine was renting when they were first built and the house was really cold. They only had storage heaters.
DK07/04/2014Tanya, I live in Abercorn Square and the house is extremely well insulated.

The houses in Abercorn Square were built as being well insulated.

I suspect that you are mixing the concept of insulation with heating source.

I agree that electric storage heaters are not good.

We have gas central heating and it's very efficient and cosy.

There is a landlord who owns some houses in Abercorn Square and he still has the original electric storage heaters, which do not work efficiently. Unfortunately maybe your friend was renting one of his houses.
tanya07/04/2014DK you could be right, she only rented for a short time while waiting for an extension to her own home.