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Gerard02/04/2014Does anyone know who is burning the copper wiring in the evenings that leaves toxic smoke bellowing up the crescent, as this is bad for anyone who has health problems.
gerard02/04/2014that is Emmet Crescent
tanya03/04/2014I hate pointing the finger but the travellers burn copper and there are some living in the Crescent and Tyrone. They collect copper all the time.
raymond03/04/2014I agree with you Tanya. There are white vans going into the Crescent anytime I pass and the smell of toxic fumes is terrible. God help the people living there. However I don't think it is the people in the Crescent, it is family members living in Tyrone place, Myra Close and on Emmet Road. All of these lads collect copper and old furniture, scrap etc. They all have a car and a van. I work full time and can barely afford to keep my car on the road. I spoke to a man from the Crescent and he said the Council would want a complaint against these people and people are too scared to report them.
judi03/04/2014If anyone is afraid to report this to the council then simply conact your local councellor and they will do it on your behalf, thats their job.
You can find these on the Dublin City Council website and all contact will be cofidential.
tanya03/04/2014Thanks , I will. It is affecting everyone. it was very bad on Tuesday night. There was a can of petrol thrown on the copper.
Ck03/04/2014I saw that the other evening and rang 999, the fire brigade were there. I agree the people don't live in the crescent but they are all related to the people in the crescent. I was just coming down from the Luas and the smell was terrible and there is a nursing home nearby.
raymond03/04/2014This problem is going on years and DCC know exactly who is doing it and also the gardai know. They are all tenants of DCC so they should act, I am going to contact a number of councillors and see what happens, someone said nobody in the crescent or Tryone complain, but it is a problem for all Inchicore.
tanya04/04/2014It doesn't matter who is doing this, it just needs to stop. the fumes can have a terrible effect on children and the elderly. If people know who is involved or see anyone burning copper, ring the grdai.
raymond04/04/2014I couldn't agree more, the people who are watching this are just as bad for allowing this to happen. Ring the gardai, you don't have to give your name.
Oisin09/04/2014If you make an anonymous report on it goes to all the councillors locally by e-mail.

I have also rung to EPA in the past on 053-916 0600 and they have looked into it. It is something they can monitor and do something about more than the council, as they work with multiple agencies to so things out.
tanya14/04/2014Just passed the site up at Michael's Est and the fumes are dreadful. A local man told me that vans are pulling into the crescent, they don't live there, they take out their rubbish and then throw petrol on it. There is a CCTV in the Crescent so they should be able to see who is doing this.
raymond15/04/2014I just heard about the toxic smoke this morning, I will be in contact with a member of DCC tomorrow and will raise the issue.
raymond16/04/2014I mentioned the toxic some to a member of DCC who wasn't very helpful. I think the best thing to speak to anyone who is standing in the local elections and see if they will put pressure on DCC.
Oisin18/04/2014*That would be me*
I will definitely meet anyone who wants to show me. Was not planning on canvassing that part of Inchicore for a few weeks, but if you give me a ring on 087 1736590 I will come up, meet you, take some photos, and get on to the EPA, Council etc.
tanya18/04/2014Definitely I will meet up with you after the Easter break.
Ck24/04/2014Tanya, did you meet up with Oisin, I don't there is any smoke recently
tanya25/04/2014No I didn't meet, I was away.
Oisin02/05/2014I popped up one evening but no smoke!
raymond22/05/2014There was copper burning last Tuesday around 5. very bad, the fumes were terrible.
raymond28/05/2014I heard there was more "copper burning"
on Tuesday at around 5pm. I was told the fumes were dreadful. What are the council and gardai doing, nothing. I think these guys should be named and shamed, not on this forum, but to the gardai and council, also to the new crowd that are taking over the new apartments.
Eoin7301/07/2014Really bad toxic smoke coming from fires over inchicore tonight
Peter Mc02/07/2014Hello Eoin73, I didn't see or smell any toxic smoke that night, or any other night. I live in Inchicore. Where exactly in Inchicore are you saying the alleged toxic smoke was?
Leon02/07/2014There was copper burning on Mon and Tues night on the sit of Michaels Est. I know someone rang the gardai both nights but I don't think anyone came up
Eoin7302/07/2014@PeterMc. The toxic smoke was coming from the Emmet Crescent direction, and blowing west over the village. Passed by that way today and could see evidence of fires.
Eoin7302/07/2014@PeterMc. The toxic smoke was coming from the Emmet Crescent direction, and blowing west over the village. Passed by that way today and could see evidence of fires.
Brian06/11/2014Lately 'they' have been lighting fires just by the entrance to Goldenbridge cemetery. In the green space where Michaels Estate was. I saw a blue van pull up, take a wheelie bin out of the back, and the driver over to park in the flats beside the school.
He then walked back over, emptied a load of electricial wire from the wheelie bin and set it of fire (to burn off the covering so he could sell the copper).
M06/11/2014How about asking the council to put a camera on top of the school or somewhere suitable, to record vehicles, number plates and the people who do this.
This has been going on for years.
ma09/11/2014There is a camera at the front of Emmet Crescent. The council and gardai know who is doing this. The car reg of the blue van was given. Repeated phone calls were made to gardai about, photos were taken of the smoke. Nobody cares.
M09/11/2014Why not ?
ma09/11/2014No idea. Groups and residents have spoken to both the council and the gardai, both know who is doing it. the person is a council tenant and therefore the council can take action.
M09/11/2014I have to close my windows when this happens. I will vote for any councillor or politician who can get this person or these individuals prosecuted.
ma12/11/2014More burning last night, it seems every Tues between 6pm and 7pm. The same blue van, I have the number and the car reg but who do I ask, as I have said both the gardai and dcc have this info.
Simon12/11/2014You should contact Oisin hAlmhain on 087 1736590. He's a member of the green party and has some expertise in resolving these types of issues. I'm not affiliated with the green party myself.

You should have a read of the previous posts on this topic from Oisin.
him12/11/2014The Environmental Protection Agency have a 24 hour confidential number you can report this to.
1850 365 121

You should call them today and see if they can help, Im sure they can.