Bin collection at 12.20 a.m.?

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Lilybarlean26/03/2014Did anyone hear the Greyhound truck come crashing in to the CIE estate at 12.20 a.m. this morning? It crashed out again at 12.35 a.m. I presume it was collecting the bins? I didn't have mine out so don't know but I can't think of any other reason.

Bins must be collected by 9. p.m. by law so this is unacceptable. I shall be complaining to Dublin City Council about this and I urge you to do the same. Their number is 2221000
DK26/03/2014I live in the CIE Estate and, like many of my neigbhours, I have my bins collected every Tuesday by Greyhound, usually sometime about 8am or 9am. Yesterday, Tuesday the 25th March, the neither my bins nor any of my neighbors were collected.

I wonder then were they collected in the small hours of Wednesday morning, between 12:20am and 12:35am. I didn't check the bins this morning to see if they had been emptied.

It's important to ascertain whether Greyhound got approval in writing from an appointed person to an after-hours collection.

Dublin City Council (Storage,
Presentation and Collection of Household and Commercial Waste)
Bye-Laws 2013, states:

"An authorised waste collector shall only collect household waste or
commercial waste outside the Central Commercial District on the
designated collection day between the hours of 6:00am and 9:00pm
Monday to Friday, and 8.00am to 8.00pm on Saturdays, Sundays
and Bank Holidays, unless otherwise approved in writing by an
appointed person."
Lilybarlean26/03/2014I've just e-mailed Dublin City Council about it. They would like people to e-mail them so they can issue Greyhound with a fine for after-hours collection.

The e-mail address is
Mgt26/03/2014They called to where I live at 12.50.
Mgt26/03/2014Sorry that should read 00.50.
Sam27/03/2014No but I did hear someone using a circular saw/angle grinder at 1am in the CIE Works!
Lilybarlean21/05/2014I'm getting fed up with Greyhound's blatant ignoring of bin collection rules.

26th March 00.20 a.m.
8th April 10.15 p.m.
6th May 11.15 p.m.
20th May 11.20 p.m.
To add insult to injury when they crashed into the estate last night at 11.20 p.m. they proceded to ignore our road and left our bins uncollected! I have been on to Dublin City Council every time this happens and I have been assured that Greyhound have been issued with fines for collection outside of the designated hours. I would urge you to let them know if you have been affected by this as I seem to be a lone voice crying in the wilderness! The e-mail address in DCC is The more people that complain, the better the case will be against them. They can also be fined for collection on a day other than Tuesday. Thank you
Jamestown 21/05/2014They collected from Jamestown area at about 11.00 last night.
Kathleen Currivan21/05/2014Still not collected today from George's Villas!