Protest outside Oblates

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tanya24/03/2014Can anyone tell me what the protest outside the Oblate Church was about. Someone said it was about a football pitch. Who is this for and why target the Oblates. I am not religious but I walk around the grounds of the church and I wouldn't like football played there. There is a pitch at Michaels Est
raymond24/03/2014There used to be football played there many years ago, but I am inclined to agree with you that it a lovely place for people t0 walk around, a lot of elderly people use and also it is a place of prayer. It is a rosary walk. I like yourself ,Tanya, am not religious but for those who, it is their space.
siobhan24/03/2014I don't know anything about the protest but I was walking in the Oblates recently with my 1yr old and there was 2 young lad, prob late teens, with a bottle of wine and smoking hash. This was 5pm! I was so mad and upset. I feel there is no where left in Inchicore that is safe to walk without encountering antisocial behaviour. I''ve given up walking along the Inchicore side of the canal because of 2 instances of drug dealing encountered last summer in the middle of the day.
Peter Mc24/03/2014Siobhan, where exactly in the grounds did this criminal activity occur ? Like you and most right minded people, I agree this is outrageous. Did you report it to the Gardai in Kilmainham, ph 01-6669700?
siobhan25/03/2014No I didn't Peter. I know i should have but just wanted to get away as fast as I could. I intend on challenging any candidates going for forthcoming elections on what they are going to do about anti social behaviour in Inchicore...I'm sick of it
siobhan25/03/2014And to answer your question it happened just inside the Rosary walk on the Grotto side. They were sitting on the 2nd bench maybe
tanya11/04/2014Does anyone know how the meeting went with the priests and summer camp?