Site of Michael's Estate

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raymond21/03/2014There are a lot of rumours going around that St. Patricks Athletic F.C. are again interested in buying the empty site. As I said it is "a Rumour" but the last time the rumour became a reality when they tried but failed to get it. They are looking to build a stadium for 8,000. However, if you attend their matches there is sometimes only 1,000 which would mean they would have to use the site for other events. There is a nursing home close to the site and a senior citizens complex close by, and there would be a lot of extra people coming into the area, which might not be a good thing. tonight there was trouble between 2 Dublin teams before a match, so this should all be considered. I would like to see the site developed as it is only a dumping ground at the moment, but I don't think a stadium is the best answer.
Judi22/03/2014I Raymond,
I don't think that a new stadium would be a bad thing at all. It wouldn't actually bring more people into the area since there is a stadium there already that would be moving.
However a new stadium built to modern standards would be a safer place designed for modern standards of crowd control and would actually minimise the impact on the local area.
It would also be a very welcome boost to the area I think many people would welcome.
I understand there would be issues as you rightly point out, but if think these could be managed and a good solution found that's beneficial to the local community.
tanya22/03/2014I have mixed views on this. I don't know why Pats would need a new stadium as they can't always fill the one they have. I am a Pats supporter. Last week there were 900 at the match. I think Pats are fine where they are, the guards can manage the gates, but if a new one was built you would have to more exits which is a huge draw on garda resources. I think they would have to have a lot of events if it is an 8000 seater stadium. There could be small concerts, we hear the concerts from the Phoenix Pk and Royal Hospital. I think everyone should be consulted but mainly people living close to the site.
Sean22/03/2014I like Tanya have mixed views on this. Firstly I understood that a "Plaza was going to be in front of the old CBS or Richmond Barracks. 4 million was allocated to refurbish these buildings, which I don't agree with, I think the money could be used for health or education. If they are going to spend that amount of money, I think a stadium would be out of place. Nobody tell you anything, it is all hush hush until it is too late to object.
raymond22/03/2014I am watching Pat's match on tv and the attendance is very poor. What do they want a 8,000 seater stadium, no for football.
raymond04/04/2014I am just watching Pat's match, they would never fill a stadium with 8,000.
can't wait to hear the attendance figure!
Sean 206/04/2014Would be nice if they considered making it a civic space. Park, pond, etc.
Ck07/04/2014That would be great. I heard a rumour that part of the site might be used for allotments. I would like a stadium there, it would be ugly.
tanya07/04/2014I don't think a stadium is a runner. A park would be great. I heard that a plaza is planned in front of Richmond barracks, so hopefully they place will get a facelift.
raymond17/05/2014I heard again that St Pats are looking to build a stadium on the site. Apparently people in C.I.E are in favour so would I be if I lived up there, but it would be very close to me . I don't want to live with concerts, car boot sales etc like they do in Tallaght Stadium.
A18/05/2014Oh no that's all we need. The people around the site should have a say not people living in Oblate parish. We have to live with an ugly building and the trouble it can bring. Talk to the people around Croke Pk.
mick15/08/2014I just came in from work and turned on the Pat'S match and the size of the crowd would not justify a new stadium. The stands are empty. I normally attend the matches and don't normally think about the attendance,a new stadium would be ridiculous.