Car break ins

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SD08/03/2014Just a quick heads up, 2 cars on South Terrace were broken into last night. Whoever broke in, it must have been more then 1 person by the looks of it, did try to rob both cars but didn't succeed. This happened before 1am we think. Please keep an eye out everyone, and report such behaviour!
Sam29/03/2014Another attempted car theft in Abercorn Thursday just gone on a Nissan micro
DK29/03/2014Sam, was this in Abercorn Terrace or Abercorn Square ?

Abercorn Terrace are the older houses adjacent to St Patrick's Terrace.

Abercorn Square is the cul de sac of modern houses.

Both are Abercorn Terrace and Abercorn Square are in the CIE Estate. Even our postman gets the post mixed up.
sam05/04/2014On the 3rd April a number of sheds were broke into on Abercorn Square via the rear lanes. The consensus is that its a group of local teens that hang around the spar and outside the Ulster bank they have been seen in the area scoping out houses
DK06/04/2014Sam are you sure this was in Abercorn Square? I didn't hear of any such activity in Abercorn Square.

You mention back lanes.

As there is a back lane in Abercorn Terrace I am assuming you meant to say Abercorn Terrace rather than Abercorn Square.
raymond06/04/2014I heard it was Abercorn Tce but I am not certain
Ger01/05/2014I heard that there were a few car break-ins in Tyrconnell Street last night. Be vigilant.
Local resident02/05/2014Yesterday morning, I saw a car which had been broken into the same night, on Thomas Davis St W. The passenger side window was completely smashed in, with glass all over the place. It almost must have been the same crowd.

I did wonder why this car was picked out, but noticed that there was a large amount of luggage/belongings on the back seat. Based on family experiences also, it seems best to leave your car completely empty, with nothing of even apparent value on view.