old couple wandering around the estare

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SD07/02/2014Hi everyone!

Just wanted to let people know some important info!

Last week a young girl was walking round South/North Terrace and the Square. She was knocking on peoples door checking to see if people were in the houses at the time. Multiple people saw her at different locations and the guards arrested her in Inchicore later that day.

As if that is not bad enough there is a couple (Man and woman) squatting in Inchicore. They have been seen around the back lanes of South/North Terrace. They don't seem raggedly dressed and they look like they're in their 40's at a rough guess. They have been sleeping rough in people's gardens and cars esp on South Terrace.

This isint right and it's causing worry among residents as this is illegal, it's immoral and they could be carrying something to defend themselves in case anyone challenges them. If you see them do not approach them, ring the guards!!!!!

Please post if you see sightings of them in the back lanes or if they're in gardens etc.

Anyone spotted them?