Election Posters - love them or hate them?

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Oisin 06/02/2014As some of the more political types among you know, there is going to be an election for the city council on May 23rd.

A lot of people have concerns about election posters going up on every available lamppost in the area. Some involved enjoy the challenge of getting them up and down in the prime spots. Others do it just because if you don't people might not know you exist until they see your name on the ballot paper.

Many people don't like the fact that some campaigners don't do a great job of removing posters, or leave cable ties behind. Others just find the clutter untidy and unnecessary.

Some parts of the country have poster bans, and instead, all the candidates put their poster in one place, like an empty shop window.

Anybody think that would be an idea for inchicore?
Oisin06/02/2014And I suppose I should say I'm interested because I will be running as the green candidate.
bg06/02/2014Without a doubt, the posters should be restricted to a designated area. Littering the place with posters is a waste of time, resources and is an eyesore.
However I fear it makes to much sense for it ever to be adopted in Dublin.