A new cafe

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M Collins28/01/2014Hi, I have recently moved to Inchicore and feel that it is in desperate need of a nice cafe - something a little bit quirky and different. What are peoples thoughts on this? Do you think there would be much demand for it or much or a cafe culture around? is there much day-time foot traffic in Inchicore, do many people work there?. I work in town during the day so I have yet to experience Inchicore at this time. Its something i would like to explore so your thoughts are welcome! :-)
Judi31/01/2014Hi M,

There are a few cafes around the area that you might want to check out first.
La Boulangerie on Bulfin road, Enoteca on Grattan Crescent, and if you wander down to Kilmainham check out the Limetree on Inchicore Road beside the hilton, there are also the Insomnia cafes. These cafes are all busy during the day and there is a thriving cafe culture going on.
Im sure another cafe would work out if its suitably located, you might want to be near a school or on a school route as the cafes are all busy with parents aand babys after the school run.
gerry31/01/2014Oh no, not another caff....
emer04/02/2014Yes i have been living in inchicore for 7 years and would be delighted to see a nice little quirky cafe, where you could maybe get a light lunch also. I think there is a market for it alright. Sick of seeing these take aways popping up all over the place. I would go to insomnia a lot with my toddler on my days off or up to insomnia near kilmainham.
Fiona 05/02/2014The village badly needs a decent cafe. The likes of Lime Tree would work really well in the middle of the village. A perfect spot for it would be the empty premies across from Tesco. They even have an area outside it where you can put tables and chairs in the fine weather. Plus that side of the street gets good sunlight during the day.

Currently if I want to go to a cafe I would either head to Lime Tree or IMMA cafe in the Modern Art Museum.
Andrew07/02/2014Yes Inchicore needs a proper nice cafe. But I am not sure how well it would do. Lime Tree does well because of the offices adjacent and tourists from the Gaol. But something like Lime Tree would be great for Inchicore. I made the mistake of getting a 'coffee' in Insomnia the other day. 3 Euro and terrible. 3 Euro is what I would pay in Butlers, including a chocolate!
Local08/02/2014Anybody been to Roy's Cafe on Emett Road opposite the eurospar? I've been a few times and found it to be fairly good
Andrew10/02/2014If only the real problem in Inchicore was a proliferation of Cafés... The number of pubs and bookies is unbelievable. The area has the worst chronic alcohol and gambling addiction problems I have ever seen. Pubs and clubs are regularly serving alcohol after closing time. Drunk people yelling in Emmet Road every night of the week.