Flooding on Tyrconnell Street

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Katie13/01/2014 was wondering if anyone has any information on the flooding that occured on 24th October 2011 on Tyrconnell street. I've heard that back walls of a house collapsed and that three houses possibly flooded, can anyone confirm this for me? Would really appreciate any help as we're thinking of buying a property there.

Thanks, Katie
MS14/01/2014Katie, if you keep going down the street and into Rosedale you can see the house that collapsed, on your left, it was an extension at the back of one of the houses on Tyrconnell St, the back wall of it was built on the wall that was the bank of the river, the water undermined the bank and the wall collapsed, apart from removing the debris from the river it is still the same as when it collapsed. The water came up pretty high, again if you go into Rosedale and look at the landscaped area in front of the houses, which covers the river, the water was almost level with the top of the wall in front of the houses. All of the houses on the south side of Tyrconnell St were flooded and possibly a couple on the northside, if you put up your email I can see about finding some pictures I took.
Katie15/01/2014Hi MS, thanks so much for that, it was so hard to find info online! My email address is Katie.mcdonagh1@gmail.com, would be very interesting to see pictures!