Take-away named "Food Box" in village on Emett Road

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DK26/12/2013The excellent Acorn restaurant on Emett Road closed down a few months ago, I presume due to lack of demand. In place of the Acorn resturant there is now a take-away named "Food Box" which commenced trading a few weeks ago. It was open for business on Christmas day too. Do we really want this? Do we really want another take-away in Inchicore ?
Judi28/12/2013If nobody wanted it there then they would close down as they would do no business, but if people want another take-away then it will be a success.
However, Acorn was a restaurant and the unit has only got planning permission for a restaurant, if it's being used principally as a take-away they are probably in breach of the planning regulations.
If you really don't want it there you could report it:

(01) 222 2147

DK02/01/2014It's outrageous that the "Food Box" takeaway on Emmet Road is operating without planning permission. In 2009 planning permission was REFUSED for change of use from restaurant to take-away (Ref. 2625/09). There are 5 objectors letters on file with Dublin City Council. The published planners report says:

"There is a permission for a takeaway use in the adjoining unit and it is
considered that one takeaway in this block is sufficient. It is considered that the provision of an additional takeaway use would result in an over concentration of this type of use in
the village centre which would be detrimental to the amenities of the area."

Judi, Dublin City Council is the planning authority for we, the people of Dublin. DCC have decided that another takeaway is not allowed. How in the world do the operators of "Food Box" think they can get away with this ?
To answer your question, unfortunitely Dublin City Council are slow to enforce planning infringements. However they will do so if its reported to them.

The Food-Box wont actually get away with it for too long then, but it can take months for them to shut it down. I dont know if the landlord gets fined but hopefully they will and then they would be slow to do the same thing again.

Have u called or emailed the Planning Enforcement office? With the planning reference you found and the fact that they were refused permission in the past Im sure it will be simple enough for them to act.

I passed by it again and I do agree that its an awful eyesore and unsuitable for the location.
DK03/01/2014Judi, I emailed the Planning Enforcement Office at Dublin City Council today. I got a prompt e-mail reply from an officer in Planning Enforcement Section saying that the infringement will be investigated and I will be notified of the outcome.

I think that the more people that complain the more quickly it will be dealt with by DCC.

For anybody else interested in also lodging a complaint the relevant DCC e-mail address is:

Lilybarlean24/04/2014I too lodged a complaint and received a reply that they would look into it. They're still trading though!
kensey24/04/2014it hasn't been open in about 3 weeks, one of its front windows is gone with the shutter behind it.