Warning: Burglaries in CIE Estate

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Local Resident05/08/2013Watch out for suspicious behaviour. Last week there were burglaries and attempted burglaries in the CIE Estate. Two weeks before in the CIE Estate there was a theft of a car and an attempted theft of other cars. There have been car thefts a few weeks ago in Tyrconnel Park.
Kathleen Currivan 06/08/2013Because of the hot weather, people are opening all windows.The temptation is there to leave the alarm off rather than go upstairs and close windows when nipping out for a brief time.Open upstairs windows, though inaccessible, are a dead giveaway.
Anon06/08/2013Always lock the "chub" lock on the front door, especially at night. Burglars are gaining access by easily opening the "latch" lock on the font doors.

We got accidentally locked out once. We only had locked the "latch" lock. Called a locksmith. He was able to open the latch lock in 5 seconds with no noise or damage.

By not locking the chub lock, you might as well be leaving your front door open for the burglars.
Kathleen Currivan 06/08/2013Be careful that you can get out quickly yourself if you need to during the night! Lost a family member through smoke inhalation! Great security but no exit plan.
Anon06/08/2013My condolences. Keep copies of keys in readily accessible places. Have a few copies made. Have alternative exit routes such as downstairs windows.

Never take the car keys up to the bedroom at night as the burglars have a tendency to go into bedrooms to get them from the owners. Not a pleasant experience I would reckon. Leave the car keys in open view on the kitchen table, but not in the hallway where they can be reached from the letterbox.