Seeking new home for cats

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Hi there,
Wondering if anyone can help us re-home our two adorable 3 year old female cats. The DSPCA will take them into the shelter next week but the thoughts of them being there until they get adopted is troubling us. So we're trying to find a loving home for them ourselves first.

We got them when they were kittens from the DSPCA. They are not sisters but might as well be. They are spayed and chipped. Their names are Missy (brown/black) and Lulu (black) and they are indoor cats. They are very independent, love lazing around in wardrobes and laundry baskets during the day, love children (and love our dog too!) and like chasing eachother up and down the stairs in the evenings. One is very clever and inquisitive, the other one is more daring and likes the outdoors more. Both love cuddles (when it suits them!) and both are very gentle. They don't scratch at furniture and can be left to their own devices during the day, either inside or outside. At night they sleep together in the kitchen.

The reason we need to re-home them is because my husband's childhood asthma is back, brought on by his allergy to the cats. He's tried to live with it but it's gotten to the point where his doctor has advised that the cats are the reason for being on medication and inhaler.

We live beside the Camac river so they explore the river bank and our balconies, however the vet advised that they are very nervous of the feral cats (of which there are many) that roam around the same area. They seem to be quite threatened and nervy all the time, and therefore are quite stressed.

They come with an enclosed litter tray which can be placed either inside or outside, bedding and a 10kg bag of Royal Canin Indoor Cat food (the good stuff!).

If anyone is interested in adopting them, or if you know anyone you think would be interested in them, I'd be most grateful.