Dogs barking late at night near the Tramyard

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Lou30/06/2013Every single night between 11-12-30am two dogs seem to be constantly barking.These dogs do not appear to be coming from the Tramyard itself but somewhere close by. Can anyone identify the source of this racket?
Bren11/07/2013Lou, there are 2 dogs kept in the rear yards of the houses in Thomas Davis street (overlooking the Tramyard) One German Shepard and one yappy little terrier type. I don't know the numbers of the houses but they are the 2nd and the 4th houses from the corner of Spa Road and Thomas Davis st. The German Shepard in the 4th (unbelievably small space for such a huge dog). You will often find the German Shepard semi perched the wall above the visitors car spaces booming his bark down into the Tramyard. It is unbelievably loud.
These dogs drive us crazy as it's relentless, every night, constant barking. Not just between the times you say but also throughout the night. I was awake at 4.50am on Monday morning with them..
Unfortunately, I'm not sure that the owners would be very co-operative to help sort the problem if approach. Would love to know if anything can be done...maybe a high fence on the inside of the tramyard wall to restrict the sound and prevent the German Shepard from climbing on to the wall ??....dunno...
gerard15/07/2013And could someone please explain to me how you can stop dogs barking at night...
Kathllen Currivan15/07/2013You just have to keep them indoors. We had a very large dog whom we regularly had to take in during the day because he was barking too much! Incessant barking is very annoying, day or night.
M16/07/2013Complain to the council at the Culture, Recreation and Amenity Services Section.

Maybe if more than one person complained - they also look at the welfare of the dogs
M16/07/2013It would be very helpful if we could save links on this website..
Ed17/07/2013It is 6 o clock in the morning and the small dog has been barking non stop since before 4.30am. This has got to stop!!
Dan17/07/2013It is the dog in the 2nd house from the corner. Small black terrier type. The problem with reporting it to the council is that you have to notify the owners of the dog formally in writing giving your name and address before making the complaint (I understand). And to be honest, I've asked these people before to do something about it and I was laughed at. So I'm pretty sure any notice in writing will be pointless...
@Gerard, apart from the terrrier, the owner of the German Shepard should know that allowing his dog to climb up on a wall and bark into someone else's property incessantly in the early hours of the morning is not acceptable. Not only at night but during the times when kids are playing inside; I've seen some kids terrified by this animal....But obviously he doesn't give a sh*t, otherwise he'd do the responsible thing and try to prevent it...and there are other measures that owners can take to stop their dogs barking. Internet research shows all kinds of ideas.
Lou17/07/2013Another sleepless night! Does anyone know the details of the residents' association in the Tramyard? Something has to be done asap. Also, the management company should be able to do something to assist.
Dan17/07/2013Lou, accoring to a posting on the forum the residents committee:
Wouldn't depend on the "management" company to do much about it...
orla17/07/2013I have just mailed the Residents' Association in the complex now to see if they will pursue this matter with the council as a matter of urgency. I would advise other residents to do likewise and to get onto KPM.
M18/07/2013The Tramyard Residents Committee consists of people who are owner occupiers in the Tramyard. There is an annual meeting every November, but there isn't anything legally they or the management company can do as the dogs are not resident in the Tramyard. It has to be the council route.
I live in the Tramyard, but am not on the committee.
orla18/07/2013 I disagree.The management company/agent could lodge the complaint with the council on behalf of the residents. It has already been pointed out by another poster that an individual who lodges a complaint must provide the dog owners with their full name and address. That would be fine if we were dealing with reasonable people but we're not.They have already been approached and have proven to be most unreasonable. Anyone who is affected by this noise disturbance should request the management company and KPM to represent them.
Dan22/07/2013Orla have you received any response from the resident's committee ? I don't know if anyone else has noticed but it seems that the german shepard is quiter the last few nights. Maybe the owner has realised the trouble it caused and did something about it. Fair play to him if he did..
orla22/07/2013Dan, I seem to be the only person to have complained as the management company (What we call the Residents' association) were completely unaware of this problem.The agent from KPM has advised me to lodge an individual complaint as I appear to be the only person directly affected. I am not willing to do this for reasons already discussed. I hope you're right about the dog owners taking responsibility...I wouldn't count on it though as this problem has been ongoing for a long time.I saw a pony in the tiny back garden of the second house this morning,not very promising!
M22/07/2013Please could I point out that there are two groups of people being confused here, the resident's committee (volunteer people who live in the Tramyard and work to try and improve it) and the management company, whose employees are paid to manage the Tramyard. The management company will not deal with anything that is not within the Tramyard. Orla's problem appears to lie with Dublin City Council's insistence on a complainant identifying themselves to the owner of the dogs. Try a local councillor - easiest is probably Claire Byrne round the corner on Tyreconnell Street
orla24/07/2013 Thanks for your advice re councillor. Just to clarify- What we were calling the Resisents' association is actually called the Tramyard Management Company. This company is made up of voluntary residents in the complex. They employ an agent, KPM to manage the complex. The dogs have been quiet for the last few nights so hopefully it will last!
Lou24/07/2013That's correct. I recently realised that there is no 'Residence' committee' as such in the Tramyard. The management company is made up of volunteers and they employ Keenan Property Management as their agent. I am in the same position regarding a complaint-There is no way I would give these people my full name and address. Hopefully the owners have finally seen sense...
PMcN26/07/2013A word of advice, be careful not to defame any of these dog/horse owners on this web forum. A few months ago a thread was deleted about a landlord of properties in inchicore. It would be a shame for this thread to meet the same fate. I don't operate the website.

As regards the tramyards management company, don't all apartment owners in the tramyards automatically become members of this company?
Robin Hood01/08/2013Hi Folks, Nothing to worry about PMcN regarding defaming any of these animal owners. We can't be stopped from speaking the truth about them or indeed anybody else, such as any landlords in the locality. My solicitors reliably informs me that what we say here isn't defamation if it's the truth.
Oisin 02/08/2013The citizens info on noisy neighbours is here:

Looks like the council are partially right in that you should try to talk to the dog owners, but I can see where you are coming from, because I find it hard to talk to dog owner who let their dogs shit right outside my gate.

There doesn't seem to be anything in the law about the apartment "Owners Management Company" looking after such things, but there should be a board of directors, who are owners and who might have some sympathy if they live in the Tramyard.

Maybe the thing to do is to try and put a politely written note in through the door.
bernie26/08/2013Hi Tramyard residents. Am i
living in Berrys Close and would appreciate if the alarm on lower window of apt on spa road could be turned off. I have lived her 6 years and at least once a day the local "yobs" running down the street strike the window and alarm goes off. PLEASE GET THIS ALARM TURNED OFF BY OWNER.