junk shop on emmet road

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siobhan 11/06/2013why has this not been closed down before now, its really taken the area to a new low they have now got boxes of clothes outside and most of the pavement is taken up with pure rubbish, do you not need a permit to use the public walkway!!!
Shacia13/06/2013I don't live down that end, so it does not bother me...
Shea Carroll13/06/2013but it would bother you if it was down your end....?As long as its not in your back yard.
Shacia13/06/2013Not really, we got a charity shop up this end with stuff outside, it does not bother me , I was just been sarcastic, I'm sure people have more to worry about than a junk shop...
Judi14/06/2013I agree Siobhan it's a disgrace hoe this shop can be so irresponsible and bring down the whole village?
Maybe this is something the Inchicore Environmental a group could address?
It's prob just a cars of educating the staff there that the pavement is not an appropriate place to store their junk
Kathleen Currivan14/06/2013I think that these shops add a bit of colour to an area and capture the imagination of the passer-by.One man's trash is another man's treasure!

Inchicore resident15/06/2013Hi guys. Which shop are you talking about on Emmet Road? Or which end of the road?

The one that I am thinking of is the furniture shop after Eurospar and the river. While I wouldn't call it rubbish, they seem to drag their furniture, fridges etc out on to the path every day! Is this permitted? The building itself is in a really poor state of repair...
Kathleen Currivan 15/06/2013I think the shop in question is a few doors away from the Glen of Aherlow-fairly inobtrusive on the wide pavement there. Sells bric-a brac, small articles of furniture etc.
Ray15/06/2013The shop beside Eurospar is allowed to put furniture etc out on the pavement. This has come up a number of times and that is the answer the owner gives. The junk shop that people are talking about is down at the Glen of Aherlow. A lot of rubbish, clothes etc.
Kathleen Currivan16/06/2013The person who owns that shop might be in need of the income it generates, although it can't be a lot! . It seems to be a fairly innocuous activity-selling a few bits and pieces,not the type of goods to attract an "undesireable element", so to speak.If a few items were not on display outside, people might just pass by.
D17/06/2013Interesting debate. If you need to do something that could interfere with the footpath, you need to get a permit or licence from Dublin City Council before you go-ahead. Was this done by the traders in either of the two premises being referred to?