The Naoinra in Inchicore/Kilmainham

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Eamonn Casey10/05/2013Can anyone give some pros and cons of the different naoinrai - in Grattan Crescent, down in Gaelscoil Inse Choir and the Safari Childcare in Heuston South Quarter.
I'm inclined towards Safari because it offers full days, after-school for a sibling and is in the ECCE scheme, but can anyone offer a sense of how the three compare for children's and parents happiness?
HM10/05/2013I wanted to send my child to an Irish playschool but found Grattan Crescent only does a couple of hours, they have 2 classes in the morning, didn't think it was a nice place for my child. Safari is excellent.
Nora10/05/2013Didn't like the set up in Grattan Crescent, Safari is great, have 2 children there.
DK10/05/2013Hi Eamonn, We have a child in Safari and we think it's excellent too. Our child loves it in there and he loves all his little friends. He's been there from when he was a baby and he's in the preschool montessori room in Safari now.

We're debating whether to put our child into the Safari naoinra next year. However, we had a look at the entry criteria for the Gaelscoil Inchicore and don't think we would qualify as we have no children who are current/past pupils and we were not past pupils. I heard that the government are considering banning such entry requirements.
Holly10/05/2013I would suggest Safari, I have 2 children and they are very happy as indeed I am.
My friend tried the one on Grattan Crescent but it only offered a couple of hrs and wasn't the best. Safari offers all day and I cannot fault it, a much better facility than the one on Grattan Cres. Good luck with your search. I know what it is like.
MOS15/05/2013One of my kids went to Grattan Crescent 2 afternoons a week and it helped to get her into Gaelscoil Inse Chor. She availed of the ECCE scheme in Safari HSQ too. My two kids went to Safari full time. The naoinra in the school seems good, and the women who run it are qualified pre school teachers (and parents of kids in the school).

DK, regarding entry to Gaelscoil, despite not being fluent Irish speakers, not having children already attending the school and not being past pupils ourselves, our kids still got in because i) we live near the school, ii) the eldest went to naoinra, and we did our best to speak Irish and show an interest when we did the interview. So don't be worried about not getting in, put your child's name down and see do you get called for an interview, and then offered a place. Good luck with it!
DK19/05/2013Thanks MOS - that's encouraging news. We might give the Gaelscoil a go.
Eamonn Casey21/05/2013Go raibh maith agaibh go leir for the advice and information everyone. Looking like Safari for us because of the ECCE and Irish combination.
And I would say too, don't give up on entry to Gaelscoil Inse Choir - our first has got in (just about) as a result of proximity and the agallamh.
Will have to try to contact and, who knows, meet up with a few of you for grupa na tuismitheoiri i gceann cupla miosa, nuair a bheimid ar ais in Inse Choir.
Go raibh maith agaibh arise - Eamonn
Terry29/12/2013With regard to obtaining a place in Gaelscoil, you should check the enrolment policy. There is no longer an interview process. Updated policy is on the school's website at