Deletion of some recent posts

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Paul07/05/2013I have with regret had to delete some recent posts for legal reasons. My general practice is to intervene as little as possible in the forum but on this occasion I have had to remove some posts that named a particular individual.
From my own knowledge of and dealings with the individual, I am in complete sympathy with many of the comments made, but I hope you understand a voluntary, commmunity-oriented website like this is in no position to run the risk of legal issues.

The Moderator
Michael O'Flanagan11/05/2013Thanks Paul.
Michael O'Flanagan11/05/2013Hi! Paul ...... as the email address advertised for the Moderator .... @ IOL now defunct ..... could you supply a new email address through which the Moderator can be contacted.

Thank You .......Michael
Paul12/05/2013No Michael, that email is still working fine...
Michael O'Flanagan12/05/2013Ok Paul .. I'll give it a try.