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Paul Cullen23/01/2009The postbox on the corner of Grattan Crescent and Sarsfield Road has been sealed and a sign on it says it is out of operation and people should use another box on Grattan Crescent.

Does anyone know if this is permanent or temporary? Or whether An Post consulted with anyone before doing this?

Dublin Bus recently axed the 79A coming through Inchicore - someone must have something against Sarsfield Road.
Danny Keleher24/01/2009That seems odd. I often use that post box. I'm sure (and hope) that it is only a temporary closure. I'll check with An Post... About the 79A, in what manner has the service been altered?
Paul Cullen25/01/2009Will you check? Save me having to do it? Come to think of it, the postbox on Inchicore Road opposite the jail disappeared when they started the development there, and it hasn't come back since they finished.

As for the 79A, the bit of its route that came to Inchicore has been dropped in favour of a more direct route from town to Ballyfermot.
Paul Cullen04/02/2009An Post have told me the box is "closed for good". They didn't give me a reason why and I have asked them for one.

This is pretty bad. I'd love to know how long that box has been there (anyone know?). The model school dates back to the middle of the 19th century so it must be almost as long. And then someone just comes along and closes it down without a word.

Meanwhile, they say the box that used to be down the far end of Inchicore Road, opposite the gaol, was not removed by them. Rather, it was badly damaged by a truck during construction work at the Hilton. And then removed, which amounts to the same thing. Building work is long since finished so it begs the question as to why the box hasn't been put back.

the box on Gratten Cresent is closed for good,the box on Inchicore Road will be restored but he could not say when.An Post did not remove this box it was badly damaged by a truck during construction work on the Hilton Hotel, I hope this information is of help to you. Regards Gerry
Louise04/02/2009This is very annoying as I regularly use both post boxes and have been missing the one on Inchicore road. Where is the replacement one they refer to on Gratton Cresent?
Paul Cullen28/02/2009Yep, the removal of the post box (or rather, its closure - they have no plans to remove the actual box) is permanent.

According to the collections manager of An Post in Dublin, a number of postboxes have been taken out of service or moved.

"This is part of an ongoing process in respect of the streamlining all aspects of the work involved in the collection process, he says.

An Post maintains they are still complying with Comreg's guidelines, which is that no-one in an urban area should have to travel more than 1 km to post a letter.

"The boxes which are taken out of service are chosen because of low yield."

As far as An Post are concerned, they are covered because there is another box in the village on Emmet Road. They claim a box is also being installed across the road from Kilmainham Gaol, but this is merely replacing one which was there but disappeared during construction work on the Hilton Hotel.

The An Post manager says he regret any inconvenience but goes on to claim the changes are being made "with a view to the ongoing improvement of the quality of service offered to all of our customers". Presumably, because walking to the next box is good for you...

Next time you walk by the box, take a closer look. You'll see the initial S.E. on the box, presumably for Saorstat Eireann. Which means the box is 80-90 years old, not that that gets to count for much