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Ian18/04/2013Hi All,

A bit of positive news for a change. I see the allotments next to Grattan crescent ppark are coming along nicely. Looks like a really good job being done there...Also the extension to the school is looking well and will be a big plus to the area.
Now if we could also do the same to some of the derilect buildings in the area it would be a massive plus.

M18/04/2013How do you apply for an allotment ?
Ian19/04/2013I really don't know. I presume via DCC. Might be something on their website
Oisin O 20/04/2013I can't find anything about them on the city council website, but someone I met told me that I should speak to someone called Carina in the GP practice on Grattan Crescent about them.
DK20/04/2013We live in the CIE Estate. One of the local politicians sent a leaflet through peoples letter boxes about a month ago setting out how to apply for the allotments. The leaflet stated that the allotments will be allocated by way of a lottery. My letter got mislaid and I am annoyed with myself as I want to apply for one and I can't remember the address and phone number to sent the application to.

I'm wondering would the Inchicore Railway Estate Residents Association know the procedure. I will ask them and will post a message here if I find out the procedure. Or if there's anybody from the Railway Estate Residents Association reading this message, they might post a reply if they know how to apply for one of the allotments.
Oisin O hAlmhain23/04/2013From a different local politician who heard it from the railway estate residents assoc!

Margaret Quinn is the person in the council dealing with the allocation of the allotments. If you e-mail she will put your names on a list of applicants and whatever process of allocation is decided on will be applied.
DK23/04/2013I've ascertained that Margaret Quinn in Dublin City Council is the person dealing with the allocation of the allotments. If you contact her she will put your name on a list of applicants and whatever process of allocation is decided on will be applied.
Oisin O hA23/04/2013@DK
I think the council might want the residents association to coordinate lists for them, and I still haven't given up on getting the community garden going in the estate behind north terrace, so you can e-mail me at if you like.
Judi23/04/2013The person in Dublin City Council responsible for allocating the 40 allotments is:
Ms. Margaret Quinn.
Tel. 01 222 5114
And applications are being accepted now.
I found this information from the last meeting of the South Central Area Comittee.
Ian24/04/2013From DCC

Grattan Park Allotments

Dublin City Council, within the City Development plans, are providing amenities in some areas, to assist people living within the city with the opportunity to rent a plot of land, in order to garden and grow vegetables.
Community allotments are a massive contribution to neighbourhood community development and quality of life. Allotments are for young and old and assist with meeting and socialising as well as offering the opportunity for gardening and growing within the city centre.
A new development of Allotments will come on stream in May 2013 in the Kilmainham/Inchicore area. If you are interested in leasing one of the plots please contact Margaret Quinn by phone, at 01-2225114 or by e-mail at The price per each plot to lease is 120 for the year plus a refundable key deposit of 50.
Please note the closing date for expressions of interest is the Friday the 3rd May 2013.
DK24/05/2013Got an e-mail today from DCC telling me that I was successful in my application for an allotment. Happy days I thought. Went to their offices on Marrowbone Lane this afternoon and signed the license agreement. It's a six month license from the 6th June 2013 to the 6th December 2013 with no automatic right of renewal. You don't get to chose which of the sites they offer you.

There's a "whole agreement" clause the license. Read the license carefully and and don't rely on what DCC say to you, because the "whole agreement" clause in the license means that you cannot rely on anything DCC have represented to you, or any other agreements, apart from what's in the license.

The Fee is 60 or 50 for the six months, depending on the size. There may be other outgoings and charges payable to DCC, including water charges.

They say there was good interest in the allotments. Anybody have any insights into this?
M24/05/2013I have also been given an allotment - see you there....
Shacia25/05/2013Jeez, You would think that people would be happy just to get an allotment, instead of bitching and moaning about things before they even get onsite, some people are never happy unless they have something to moan about. I got an allotment and am very happy about it, and nothing to moan about...
DK25/05/2013See you there M ! Happy gardening. We can't wait to get started.

Shacia, I'm delighted you are happy to have gotten an allotment. We're happy that we got one too. See you in the garden. It's best to read your license thoroughly. Don't be aggrieved if DCC insist on strictly adhering to the terms of the license.
Andrew07/02/2014Delighted with the allotment and a new lease of life for people living in this area. St Michael's Estate should be turned into community gardens and allotments - in particular there should be an area set aside for the school children in the area - get them outdoors doing something useful and creative, away from computers and phones
raymond07/02/2014I was up in the allotments with a friend who has one (I wasn't lucky to get one), some people should not have got a plot. They don't have a clue. I know it is winter/spring but I was talking to a woman and she can't manage it. I think DCC should have checked this out properly. They are only after the money, I would have loved one plus a few friends who are big into gardening.
Gerard08/02/2014Sour grapes Raymond, just because some people don't have a clue should not mean they should not have got a plot, it's called learning on the job, they might not have a clue this year, but maybe they will next year. Did you and your friends even put your names on the list in case some people pull out?
raymond08/02/2014Gerard. it is not sour grapes. We did put our names down. We know 2 people who have allotments and they told us it was too much for them.
raymond09/02/2014Just further to my last comment, I did offer help to one person and advice but my help was declined. I was a gardener in a past life and would help gladly and as I said this person admitted it is too big and they can't see themselves doing much with the plot.
Andrew10/02/2014DCC are addressing this. The terms of lease renewal state that allotments must be properly kept up or will be reallocated. I understand that one person who could not manage it has given theirs up and it was allocated to the next person on the DCC waiting list. Why not lobby your councillors for more allotments in the area.
Andrew10/02/2014And Raymond as a gardener you know this is not the time of year to be evaluating people's allotments. Come back in the summer. Also the keys were not got until June last year. We managed to get a good crop but it was backbreaking work for the first few months, especially in the July heatwave. Some people were not in a position to put in that kind of intensive work this summer and were too late to get a crop. But many people made full use of the facility and there was a great harvest.
shacia10/02/2014Well aid Andrew...
Jo10/02/2014Allotmenteers may be interested in a 5 week horticulture course starting in late February at Inchicore Sports and Social Club. We hope that it will be of interest to as many as possible - we are lucky to have Fiann O' Nuallain as our lecturer with the support of DCC, and the course will cover all aspects of gardening, including allotments, flower gardens - all aspects of growing things. There will be indoor and outdoor sessions.
It is proposed that the course will run on Saturdays from 2pm - 3.30pm (t.b.c). Each class will cost 5 waged and 3 unwaged. Places will be limited,and will be allocated on a first come basis, so please respond as soon as possible by email to, by phone or text to 085 7472562.
M10/02/2014I didn't have much clue about gardening when we started on the allotments last summer. I've learnt some things, but more importantly working there gave me a sense of community in Inchicore for the first time and has made me feel much happier about living here. Also it's very fulfilling growing plants and veg, even if I've not taken the correct approach.