Flooding in Tyrconnell Park

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Mareesa O'Dwyer15/04/2013Myself and my partner are just about to purchase a house in Tyrconnell Park in Inchicore. Given that flooding of houses in Dublin has been a cause for concern over the last number of years, we were wondering if anybody knows if there has been or is a problem of flooding in Tyrconnell Park. Any help at all is appreciated.
mgt15/04/2013I think Tyrconnell Park is okay, I have never heard of flooding there. It is Tyrconnell St that had a problem
Judi15/04/2013There has been no flooding in Tyrconnell Park. The OPW on behalf of the government have mapped all flood prone areas in the country you can check it out at
That should give you some comfort, I expect your solicitor would check this anyway though.
Paddy O18/04/2013I've lived in Tyrconnell pk for the last 7 years and have never had a problem with flooding. I was worried when the big flood hit Dublin approx 2 years ago because there was a build up of water on the road but it never got too high to flood any houses. If it didn't cause any damage during that flood then I reckon you're safe
Mareesa O'Dwyer24/04/2013Hi everyone, many thanks for your replies - very helpful! Looks like we wont need a paddle any time soon in Tyrconnell Park! :-)
Vincent H25/04/2013Welcome to Inchicore!