Property tax estimates for Berrys Close

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AMC07/04/2013Hi there,
Wondering if people have opinions on the property tax valuation for 2 beds in Berrys Close development. Received an estimate of €247 payable which puts the property in the 250k -300k band. Properties have been selling for 140k-150k in '11 and '12. Does anyone know if the affordable housing and shared ownership aspect of this development have any overall impact? I don't think, from some research, that they do.
paddy macky07/04/2013Hi,
Before you pay Household Charge/Property Tax go to . the legislation/Act/Instruments are quite dodgy. Research before you start paying more money to those corupt bankers and their cohorts.
Sensible Mary08/04/2013Had a look at your website, paddy macky. It sounds like you're a bit of a crackpot.
paddy macky10/04/2013Hi Mary,
Firstly, its not my website. Secondly, do you trust this Government to look after you and your family, to protect you and manage the this country in an honest fashion.??

What is your point? So what if people don't trust the government? They certainly wouldn't trust any other government you could scrape together especially from the left wing. That's irrelevant, and a healthy distrust tbh. I know that the government make the laws and I do trust that they will enforce them when you get people to disobey the law out of protest.

Do you have some alternative that is better? If you do then stand for election (local elections are next year and would be an excellent start)
If you don't offer anything better then please go away
paddy macky10/04/2013Hi Judy, like a lot of people in Ireland today, me and my family have suffered very badly at the hands of these irresponsible, incompetent governments and their cronies who have made us, our children and our grandchildren all responsible for the debts of corrupt private banks. Along with this they have gone out of their way to avoid identifying and punishing those people who are responsible for the worst disaster in Ireland’s history since the ‘so called Famine in 1845’. But you are right about getting a political party together to challenge this dreadful, anarchic bunch of turncoats that’s why I will be voting for ‘Direct Democracy’ with Ben Gilroy at the first chance -
Judi11/04/2013Well Paddy, you have some challenge ahead. I'm not sure you will be able to earn anyone's trust yourselves when you are deliberately misleading people about the property tax by saying people can legally not pay and not register, I understand you feel you have a basis to challenge the law but you are not being clear about it.

You have also hijacked this topic for your own political gain which is not something that would be expected from a serious political movement.

paddy macky15/04/2013Hi, well firstly, I do apologise if I ended up hijacking this board with the household charge thingy, it was not my intention. Someone else posted a query on the property tax issue and I honestly put forward some genuine information for them to browse over before committing to something so devious and so costly. For the record the Household Charge/Property Tax IS unlawful and illegal and what the Government done with the private Bank's debt was unjust, immoral and against this so-called democracy we live in. I wont post anymore comments in reference to this subject so. Please be informed that I am a most truthful and honest person and have always endeavoured to help people. I am not devious and I am not a crackpot.
Orla19/04/2013I have a 2 bed in Berrys Close. With regard to property tax, I'd say we are in the 100-150 band.