The Property Tax

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Michael O'Flanagan11/03/2013How does the property tax affect you. I guess this is an occasion when this forum will have some real meat to chew on!
Paddy Macky07/04/2013Hi Michael.
I have posted some info on this very dodge household charge/Property Tax thing, but go to before you even think about paying it. Its very dodgy altogether. I am not paying it, or their water charges/tax or the next tax that will follow them...
Sensible Mary08/04/2013Hi Paddy Wacky, Does your post specifically concern inchicore or Dublin 8? Your website says that you are based in portaloise. Anyhow, the website seems like it was written by a crackpot.
Jidi08/04/2013I have to agree with Mary, Paddy you seem to be trying to fool people and use them to advance your own agenda.
It's complete nonsense to tell people that they can legally not pay this tax the government make the laws and they introduced this tax in the exact same way all other taxes are brought in. If there were any legal annoy olives with it the government wud simply fix them and pass new laws.
Anyone who is fooled by your advice will pay the price and it would wud seem to me that that would not bother you as this would draw attention to your agenda.