Hoardings at St Michaels

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Ruu19/02/2013Why have hoardings gone up at St Michaels? Are they finally demolishing the last block?
Ian20/02/2013I saw that myself. I would think that is the reason well I hope so anyway.


Ian20/02/2013Actually just saw on the events section that the last one is coming down on the 26th of this month at 11am...
Ruuuu23/02/2013Thanks for that info Ian. Great news for the area.
Local resident24/02/2013I agree it's great to finally hear of this demolition being concluded.

I am a resident of Thomas Davis Street, and every day when I turn in along Vincent's Street, that block strikes me a such an eyesore. There will be quite a change to the landscape when it is gone!

Does anyone know if there is anything else planned for that site in the immediate future? I did read last year about the temporary structure which was being planned to house the resource centre. Is this still going ahead? It doesn't sound like the best use of this site.
Inchicore Resident 24/02/2013Does anybody know if there is any issues with the demolision and asbestos being spread out in the air?

It doesn't seem as though any asbestos has been removed from the building and it should be a concern especially if there is a lot of dust in the air during demolition.

I Would suggest staying away from st michaels during the demolition just in case!
DK27/02/2013Article in Irish Times today:

Fifteen years after the first tower came crumbling down in a local authority estate in Inchicore, Dublin, the final remaining tower block was demolished yesterday.

The last tower block at St Michael’s Estate was knocked down as part of regeneration efforts, which will see a two-acre site with modern accommodation called Thornton Heights opened in its place later in the year.

Thornton Heights will contain 75 new housing units along with a series of community facilities and playgrounds. Former residents of St Michael’s Estate are being given the opportunity to move into the new area.

Development of the regenerated area was put in doubt in 2008 following the collapse of a public-private partnership scheme for the complex, under which developer Bernard McNamara was to have built 165 social, 75 affordable and 480 private homes on the site.

Laughter Wall

A total of 10 tower blocks have been demolished as part of the regeneration scheme. This demolition includes the destruction of a seven-storey mural known locally as the Laughter Wall, which depicts smiling residents and former residents.

The mural was created at a time when the area had a reputation for drugs and antisocial behaviour. It’s aim was to show that, despite negative perceptions, the area still had community spirit.

Former resident of Block 4 and member of St Michael’s regeneration board Caroline McNulty said she was looking forward to seeing what the new development would bring. “This block was my home and is full of memories for me. To see it knocked down is the end of an era, but I’m looking ahead and cannot wait to move into my new home in Thornton Heights.”

A spokeswoman for Dublin City Council said the time was nearly up for Ireland’s experimental tower block estates.

“High-rise tower blocks did meet a need at the time they were first built, but in the end they were not deemed a success worth repeating or keeping.”

The regeneration board is hoping that the main 10-acre site that makes up St Michael’s Estate will also be developed, said the board’s chairman Finbarr Flood. “We have waited a long time, but are delighted the new units will be available to the community very soon.”

Regeneration work

Bam Building Ltd received the tender for work on the regeneration scheme following the collapse of the deal between Mr McNamara and the council.

In February last year, work stopped after a dispute between Dublin City Council and Bam Building Ltd. The council halted work over alleged health and safety breaches at the site, but work continued following a resolution.

ray27/02/2013The first towers to be knocked happened 10 years ago. people were still living there at that time. Irish Times need to get the facts.
Ruuu08/03/2013That is a bit concerning that there could be asbestos being released from this demolition. Does anybody know if there is asbestos in the building and if so are there specialists working on the demolition? THis is what you would expect but you never know. Does anybody know of a contact where I could get further information- e.g. the corporation?
Greg08/03/2013Almost defitnely has some , surprised none of the residents requested confirmation from the department of health , was used all the time in construction in the past , had no legislation back in the day, if I was a resident I would be asking questions for sure, if you have a spray boot near residents you must have expensive filtering not saying the dust was toxic , but people should be informed in writing that it will not pose a risk to health , its not a small building is it?
Greg08/03/2013Demand or request , inspection records to
Determine the potential for fibre release from friable non friable asbestos , solc should do a letter for 50 euro, resident society could do..
Louise08/03/2013Even the smallest amount of asbestos in the air can be deadly. It can also travels large distances through the air. Dublin City Council should be able to help. It is a shame that they never thought to inform the residents, as the residents of Ballymun were kept informed, and work was halted on many occasions to thoroughly remove asbestos. Whereas st michaels estate which was built at the same time as the ballymun flats yet it was left abandoned for over ten years with no work done to make the building safe before demolition.
Ed08/03/2013If there is an issue with asbestos we should arrange a residents meeting to assess what is best to do with this situation.
Greg08/03/2013Maybe a public meeting place , do up some flyers distribute in the local area , I am not from the area but have friends who are and have expressed concerns
Michael O'Flanagan11/03/2013There are no residents in St. Michael's Estate ....... nor has there been since last year...... when the penultimate block was demolished.
sarah keogh04/01/2014hi does anyone know when the residents are moving in
tanya05/01/2014I asked Circle Housing and the corpo and they said it could be end Jan but more than likely Feb.
Lynda15/01/2014If anyone gets any information regarding when the new tenants may be moving in to the new place thornton heights in inchicore could they let me know as I'm on the list for one an waiting to hear back - they were supposed to be done by mid September !
Caroline07/06/2014It's proposed that the new residents will move in end of June or early July this has been a long journey for the old residents of st michaels who are moving into Thornton heights
aw08/06/2014I have heard who is getting some of these new places and there could be trouble there too!
ant08/06/2014More free housing for the 'deserving poor' so they can hang about in pyjamas watching daytime tv while some of us break our backs 50 hours a week to try make rent...
ant08/06/2014More free housing for the 'deserving poor' so they can hang about in pyjamas watching daytime tv while some of us break our backs 50 hours a week to try make rent...
raymond09/06/2014Ant, you have a problem, a lot of people in social housing work, they may not have great jobs. I am one of these people. I work but am low paid. Get a life!
ant10/06/2014Raymond: I aint paid a whole lot either but I have to make rent, pay medical bills, get absolutely nothing for free, and pay tax for the last 35 years. Meanwhile there are those who scream for their 'entitlements' as if they deserve a new home just for gracing the world with their presence. I know lots of folks who live in social housing and struggle to make ends meet, but I also know lots who never worked in their life and have no intention of ever doing so. They sit on their ass and watch TV, never vote, never contribute anything, women and girls strolling around in their pyjamas with their fat guts hanging out while their menfolk squander their latest welfare payment in the local boozer and bookies, sure why wouldn't they when they get everything for nout. Inchicore is really bad for this stuff, and the Michaels estate brigade are among the worst, but sure let's build the poor 'residents' some nice new homes at the tax payers expense, they are 'entitled' to it after all.
raymond10/06/2014I have worked too for 35 years and never got anything for nothing. There is a mix of people moving to the new site, non nationals and Irish who are working. You can't blame the young girls who take advantage, it is the Govt who at fault. If they didn't give them all these benefits, society would be far better. There is no incentive for them to work if they are getting more on benefits.