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Jonathan Tolkin16/02/2013hello from Toronto Canada. i spent the first 7 years of my life on the Inchicore road. My dad was a GP on the road and his surgery backed on to the St Patrick's athletics ground. wanted to connect with anyone who remembers my father. He moved to Canada after he retired and died here in 2008.our neighbours were the Coogan's and the Barretts i think and our local store was Keenan's?(maybe)
Thanks, Jonathan Tolkin
Kathleen Currivan16/02/2013Jonathan,
A lot of people in Inchicore and the surrounding areas would remember your grandfather very well. He was G.P. to my husband's parents. I was in his surgery a few times. A lovely person!
Kathleen Currivan16/02/2013Sorry,
That last post should have said "your father",not "grandfather"!
Michael O'Flanagn17/02/2013Hi Johnaton .... I was one of your Dad's patient's.... he was a great doctor.... he always talked to me about the history and heritage of inchicore and the Jewish Museum which he was involved with.... a great man altogether ..... I was sorry to hear about his death.
Jonathan tolkin18/02/2013Thanks for your replies. We also used live across the road? We were next to an open field then. Lots of wonderful memories living on the Inchicore road as a kid. My mother was Jacqueline and for while had a women,s clothing shop next my dad,s surgery. Called Get Smart !
geraldine simon18/01/2014My father is ISaac Dinerstein and he is ROse Tolkins brother. He lived with her and Morris during the 1940s and early 1950s. I would be pleased to hear from anyone who may remember him.
elizabeth nolan 29/07/2014Hi

Would you have lived in Donnybrook
Dublin 4
your mothers name Patricia
would you have one sister brother name Laurence
I am Mrs O'Neills daughter
Jonathan Tolkin30/07/2014Elizabeth Nolan. ,
Would love to connect. Jbtolkin@rogers.com
John Morris09/12/2015Hi Johnathan , I always wondered what happened to your dad , he was our family doctor when I was a child growing up in Ballyfermot.

My memory of him was a big slightly over weight man smoking a big cigar, on one occasion I remember he took a big roll of notes out of his pocket with an elastic band around it to give change to my mother , I have never forgot that roll of bank notes.
He was know not to take money from people who could not afford to pay and because of this was highly regarded not only as doctor but also as a human being.
DereK May22/12/2015I knew him very well and I still miss him a great deal, he brought me into this world, he treated my grand perants down to my own children never found a doc tor to replace him
Michelle28/12/2015Dr tolkin was a wonderful dr and great friend to our family.when we moved away from inchicore to Tallaght my mam would still bring us over to him, until yous emigrated. I have very fond memories of the cigar smell as soon as you opened the door. I remember one time my dad was ill but wouldn't go in he thought he was just bringing my mam over anyway me and dad are sitting in the car, next dr Tolkin comes out treats my dad through the windows goes bk in writes a script and comes back out to him.my mam never did find another dr like Dr Tolkin .
carol18/01/2016I remember Dr Tolkin. We lived on Tyrconnell Road in Inchicore. I remember his being v kind. He was the first Jewish person I ever met.
Mrs Carmel Vaithilingam 16/03/2016Hi Jonathan,
My Father and Mother were one of your Fathers first patients. They lived in Inchicore for a short period. Nevertheless,we remained your Fathers patients even after my both parents passed away. My sister & I both left Ireland in the 1980's, the rest of the family also moved. But still popped in to see your Father as he was more of a friend than our Doctor. I have some very amusing stories about your Father. My son graduated from RCSI Dublin in 2015. We met some friends of your Father at a function at RCSI and we spoke about Gerry as he was so fondly known & I told them of the fun times my Dad had with (Gerry) your father. When my husband graduated in 1982, we popped in to see your Dad & I can still see him sitting at his desk giving us advise. I gave him a big hug & a kiss to say goodbye as I was leaving to South Africa with my husband. That was the last time I ever saw him. He was a true gentleman with a fantastic sense of humour. You should be very proud of him he was a legend in Inchicore. He had a heart of gold and showed tremendous empty towards his patients. Please accept our deepest condolences. He will be sadly missed by all. If you get a chance dropped am email and I will tell you all the funny stories. All the best Jonathan.
Kind regards
Carmel 😀
Carmel Vaithilingam 16/03/2016Hi Jonathan
Sorry for the spelling error. That should read tremendous empathy.
Jim Stout08/05/2016He was the family doctor and I remember there were many visits to him and from him when I was young. He probably delivered me and my sisters and one brother in the family home in Brickfield Drive, although I'm not sure about that. I recall that roll of notes too and a vague recollection of the sentiment from my late mother about not taking the money if she couldn't afford it. The physical description and the cigar all ring a bell.
Diana30/11/2016Just came across this by chance and reading this with memories of my wonderful uncle brought tears to my eyes.
I loved him so much.
DAVID SHEIL19/04/2017its been a long time ago in my distant childhood back in Ballyfermot in the late 1960's and early 70's... I remember Dr Tolkin and the cigar smoke etc. The hat and the leather bag on house calls...
He was a great and caring doctor.
Fondly remebered. I hope he had a lovely and pleasant retirement...
Dermot Hopkins31/03/2018Hi Jonathan. I have nothing but fond memories of your dad. He was our family doctor, by choice, when we lived in Ballyfermot many years ago. In that time, he treated my parents, my siblings and also my children. He saved my life once when he treated me for blood poisoning, which I got from a cut in my arm. He reckoned I was too ill to wait on an ambulance so he stayed by my bedside long into the night to make sure I was out of danger. He returned early next morning to check on my progress, which by then had greatly improved. He told me later that if he hadn't been sent for that night I would have died. He wasn't just a family doctor to us he was also a friend. He once gave me a private tour of the Irish Jewish Museum, which he was instrumental in setting up. I am sorry to learn of his passing and although I am late getting to this thread, I hope you get to read it and learn a it more of the respect and esteem we held your dad in.
Elaina Dinerstein26/07/2018Jonathan
My father was Rose Tolkin's brother and stayed with them while he was studying medicine
My father was Dr Michael Isaac Dinerstein
I would love to be in contact with that side of the family he spoke very fondly of your dad Gerald and of course of your grandparents Rosie and Maurice

Elaina Dinerstein