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George Boyle13/02/2013Dear everybody,
my name is George and I am founder of the Fumbally Exchange (FEx), a regeneration, innovation and creativity programme for recovery and revival. We started making co-working spaces and creative events for start-ups in 2010 in Fumbally Lane, in Dublin, and we have 75 resident participants now between our Dublin and Balbriggan branches. We won the Arthur Guinness Fund 2011 award for social entrepreneurs and last year we won a 2012 Social Entrepreneurs Ireland Elevator Award. We are hoping to open a specific FEx for social entrepreneurs in the Irish Social Finance Centre, with Clann Credo. I would be really interested to hear on this forum whether we could rally support from the local community in this project. I am a resident of Inchicore myself since 2006, we live on Goldenbridge Walk, and I am an architect and urban designer who believes this village has the potential to be one of the most charming and characterful in the city - with a few simple tweaks. I am in dialogue with local TDs, local business owners, local authorities, Dublin City Council and several other institutions of influence. I would love to get a little buzz going on here in support of the cause. It is all about leveraging 25 or so desk spaces for new entrepreneurs in the Inchicore village centre and using the social capital and footfall attraction of this centre to help rebuild and revive the urban environment - with community consolidation and integration a byproduct and inevitable outcome.... please let me know if you are interested in this project.
George Boyle13/02/2013websites for Fumbally Exchange is here:
George Boyle13/02/2013websites for Fumbally Exchange is here:
Colm O'Regan18/02/2013Hi George,

This sounds great -
Just sent you a mail.

Grainne01/03/2013This sounds like it would be a great plus for the area. Hope it works out for you.
George07/03/2013Dear all,
thanks for the tremendous support and especially all the direct emails we have received - it is very encouraging to know there are so many strong characters and groups around in this area and I think we can all work together to make things much better in a short time. i will respond to you all in due course, just trying to get the documentation together in the next few days and then will update the forum on our plans. Meanwhile, any suggestions welcome, or people who might want to participate in the rollout or get involved or rent a desk - just contact us via our website.