Lost Cat

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Louise18/01/2013Cat lost in Inchicore Village (Tyrconnell Park) - Black and White Male cat, 2.5 yrs old, very friendly.
Would appreciate any info
Kathleen Currivan20/01/2013A cat answering that description used to be in our garden now and then. Very friendly and well cared for. I haven't seen him lately. We are in the CIE estate so maybe it's worth while checking around there.
Oisin25/01/2013Spotted a small black cat with white feet on a lane off Inchicore Square (in the CIE works) at 11pm last night (Thursday) Not sure if it was the one that walks along the roofs here. Looked like it wanted to come in to our house, but had left before our cat person was alerted.

Kathleen Currivan14/02/2013Was off work today and spotted black and white cat in my garden(Georges Villas Cie) White on nose, white front feet, white back legs, left back leg more white than front, white chest). She went up the lane towards the CIE car park.My apologies if this is somebody else's cat!! I've been seeing heraround since last June.Very friendly.