Community cleanup next weekend

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We have permission from the owner of the garden along the lane between North and South Terrace to clean it up and start a community garden.

We hope that this might make the back lanes and the cowsheds a nicer and safer place.

First we need to clean it up. if you would like to be involved in the cleanup, or would like to grow vegetables with us, please come along any time during the weekend of 19th and 20th January and speak to Oisin, John, Georg or Aodhagán.

Alternatively you can e-mail, or call (or text) me on 087 -1736590
Paul13/01/2013I'm afraid you're likely to find the digging pretty hard. I grew spuds there a few years ago and could barely break ground. Added to this, a load of rubble was dumped there by the simple expedient of opening the ground and pushing it into the hole.
Oisín17/01/2013We have changed the date to Saturday 27th starting at 11am.

Sulerquinn HSQ are going to drop by with refreshments for us.

We are just going to do an initial clean up and tidy at this point, and then work out which parts of it will be usable and which will not. We might get hens who are happy to peck around rough ground. There was also some talk about getting a mini digger in to move some earth.
Colm O'Regan04/02/2013Hi Oisin,

How did this go?


Oisin 13/02/2013We had a great cleanup. lots of people came down and got stuck in and we now have the site cleared of most of the rubbish as well as a lot of the dense growth.

City council took about 20 bags worth of rubbish away, and we also filled 1 1/2 skips with heavier stuff.

The next step is to work out the finer details of the legal stuff with the land owner, do some analysis and then hopefully in early March get people together and decide what we want to grow!

A big thanks to all involved!