Big black burn mark on wall on Spa road

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Órla11/01/2013This looks really horrible, and lowers the tone of the street. It was the result of a Halloween prank, where a disgarded mattress was set alight. Is the council responsible for removing it?
DK11/01/2013Try getting in touch with Cllr Claire Byrne so as to see what Dublin City Council can do:
(01) 454 0920
087 611 6087

My own view is that it might not be within the remit of Dublin City Council and that you would need to get the owner of the wall to repaint it.

The Inchicore Environmental Group might be able to help.
Melanie11/01/2013The wall very likely belongs to whoever owns the row of shops on Emmet road and the area behind them. Unfortunately
I doubt whoever it is cares much about the appearance of the wall.
Órla14/01/2013Ok thanks DK and Melanie.
Fiona16/01/2013I am a member of the Inchicore Environmental Group and we discussed this issue at our meeting tonight.

I have notified Clare Byrne about the issue.

Hopefully it will be resolved shortly.

For those interested in joining the Inchicore Environmental group we meet in the DeMazenod Centre on the first Tuesday of every month at 7.30pm and hold regular clean ups of the canal and village on the last Saturday of every month. The next clean up will take place Sat Jan 26th from 11 -12.30 and we will meet in front of the workmans centre at 11am.
Helen21/01/2013The Inchicore Environmental Group hope to enter the City Neighbourhood tidy area competition 2013. To have any hope of success, the support of the community is a must. This is a request to come on board and join in the activities of the group. There have been so many negative comments posted of late, now is an opportunity to do something tangible and, hopefully, help restore Inchicore's great community spirit. As Fiona has already posted, we meet this coming Saturday, 26th, 11a.m. at the Workmans Club for the 1st clean up of 2013.
DK19/02/2013Delighted to notice that most of the burn mark is gone now. Well done.